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Led street light manufacturers: Advantages and disadvantages of garden led light
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Led street light manufacturers: Advantages and disadvantages of garden led light

Led street light manufacturers
You decided to renovate your outdoor space, starting with lighting, when you were advised to buy solar garden lamps. There has been a lot of talk about solar garden lights as an economic revolution.

But is it really so?

Don’t worry, in this guide we will discover this world together, that of solar-powered garden lamps and we will understand its advantages and disadvantages.

1 What are Solar Garden Lamps?

2 Photovoltaic Lamps: the advantages

3 Solar Garden Lamps: the disadvantages

3.1 High price

3.2 The importance of the right components affects the yield

3.3 Geographical location penalizes efficiency

3.4 Shaded areas: the enemies of photovoltaics

3.5 The questionable aesthetics of LED Solar Street Lights

4 Solar Garden Lamps: the opinions

What is led street light?

As you may have guessed, led street light manufacturers are a light source that uses photovoltaic cells.

It is mounted on a small structure that houses a   small solar panel, capable of capturing the energy of the Sun and transforming it into light, without the need for an electrical connection.

Structurally these street lights consist of an external panel, a battery, a charge controller and an LED light.

In terms of design, we are clearly far from a solution pleasing to the human eye, as the presence of the panel is essential for operation.


But, let’s go in order and try to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of a solar-powered garden lamp.

 led streetlights: the advantages

The main – and perhaps unique – advantage of led street light manufacturers is that no connection to electricity is required.

This means that, apart from the cost of the lamp itself, there are no other fixed costs such as the connection of the system or costs for utilities, since the lamp is self-powered.

The autonomy of solar-powered street lights and garden lights is however related to the duration of their batteries, which on average do not exceed eight years of useful life.

How much voltage led solar lights use?

The LED lamp will use a very low voltage  to work, so in terms of consumption we can say with certainty that you are facing the best solution around.

The LED lamp, moreover, has an average duration of 10 times greater than the incandescent sister.

The lighting produced can cover from 6 to a maximum of 8 hours.

Doing a quick calculation it is easy to guess that an LED solar lamp has approximately 10,000 hours of useful life.

Certainly at first glance there seem to be positive factors in owning led street light manufacturers. Clearly, experts know that not all that glitters is gold.

Solar Garden led lights: the disadvantages

As anticipated, although there are no fixed costs to connect the solar street lamp or even produce energy. Now we will explain to you how this apparent economic advantage is not worth the expense incurred.

The garden lamps solar energy good quality have a very high cost, there is talk of several hundred euro.

In this guide we take into consideration the average price of a lamp of excellent quality. It is in order to be able to make a comparison as objective as possible.

High price

The price of a solar garden lamp is therefore much higher than a classic led street light manufacturers, connected via electricity.

Of course, if you are not afraid to spend a few euros more for an excellent quality product, you must however be aware that the slow economic return is not the only disadvantage to be faced.

Led street light manufacturers 2021

The importance of the right components affects the yield

Very often we tend to overlook the fact that the power of the yield of our street lamp does not derive so much from the LED lamp, but from the solar panel connected to the system.

It is important that all parts of the product have excellent efficiency.

Furthermore, the panels should be polycrystalline, of the latest generation, with a yield of 15%.

A silicon battery to ensure a high ability to charge and discharge energy and a high efficiency LED are essential for operation.

Geographical location penalizes efficiency od led light

Well yes, as for wind energy, even in photovoltaics the effectiveness of the product is subject to the power of solar radiation to which it is exposed during the day.

Led street light manufacturers cannot work the same way in every region of Italy.

In the South, for example, where sunlight is very strong, you are likely to have a  higher yield than in a Northern region .

Clearly, even the expectations placed in the sunniest regions face disappointment by bad weather.


As you know, if the daily climatic conditions are not optimal, it will be difficult to absorb enough energy in the photovoltaic garden lamps to transform it into light.

The questionable aesthetics of LED Solar Street Lights

Now that we have talked about technical things, we cannot overlook an equally important element: aesthetics.

Unfortunately on this point there is very little to do: Led street light manufacturers is anything but harmonious .

These lamps, in fact, are powered by a solar panel placed on the street lamp, which makes the image of the same unbalanced.

Led street light manufacturers the opinions

An insufficient light appears the main reason that consumers seem to complain. And now that you’ve got to read this guide, you won’t be surprised.

These street lamps are powered exclusively by solar energy, so in addition to the factors to consider regarding efficiency, it is difficult to guarantee the expected lighting.

It also emerged that a photovoltaic garden lamp does not guarantee, on average, the claimed lighting hours.

Indeed, it usually never manages to illuminate the garden all night.

Summary: Led street light manufacturers

In conclusion, if you are thinking of buying lights from Led street light manufacturers, we invite you to reflect.

Over the years, the style of outdoor LED lanterns has constantly changed. This is evolving Led street light manufacturers. Moreover, this technology results in modern garden lamps with an attractive design.

The designers have updated the shapes and lines. This creates original and exclusive solutions that meet all the taste and furnishing style needs of the home. In addition to the classic outdoor LED lanterns innovative and elegant models create.

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