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How does Led street light in china operate in daylight?
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How does Led street light in china operate in daylight?

Led street light in china
Led street light in china
 uses 100% energy from the sun to illuminate without connecting to any other external power source, saving costs and protecting the environment.

Solar panels will absorb light convert light energy into electricity to help lights and it works as follows:

How does Led street light in china operate in daylight?

During the day: the light will automatically absorb sunlight and convert light energy into electricity to charge the battery, when the battery is full (about 5 to 8 hours) the light will automatically turn off.

At night: The Led Street light in china will glow with energy charged during the day. Even on overcast days, the device will store energy on its own to power the lights on at night (however, the charging time will take longer).

With this extremely smart operating principle, it will help users easily use solar lights.

What are the advantages of solar lights?

Energy saving

Solar spotlights use light from the sun to help them glow, all natural. This is a safe and completely free inexhaustible source of energy, without the cost of electricity consumption, so that investors and consumers can install solar lights without any worries. No need to worry about monthly electricity costs.

Environmental friendliness with Led street light in china

Led street light in china uses green energy completely from nature, so it is very friendly to the environment. Using solar street lights, you not only save a lot of costs, but also contribute to protecting our living environment greener, clean, beautiful and protect our own health.

Easy to install

Solar lights use solar energy without the need for electricity, no wires or electricity. Thanks to that, the lights can be installed easily and quickly.

Moreover, the absence of the need to use additional wires and equipment to connect the lights together or connect the lights to the power source will help investors save a large amount of material and installation costs.

Led street light in china is Waterproof& dustproof

Led street light in china are made of high-quality materials, forming a solid shell that protects the light bulb inside from the ingress of dust, rain, ensuring the durability and safety of the lamp. You can rest assured that the solar lights must meet the high standards of dust ingress protection and waterproof from IP55 to IP67. Therefore, you can comfortably use outdoor lights without worrying about affecting the operation of the lights.

Lamps Solar strong one

This is the concern of most customers when choosing Led street light in china. Here we will answer your questions.

Normally, solar panels and led bulbs are very less damaged. Solar panels can be used for 20 to 25 years. As for the bulb, depending on the type of led chip, the life of the led bulb can be up to 50,000h (equivalent to 11 years of use), which is many times higher than conventional bulbs.

In addition, the shells of solar led street lights are all designed with high-quality materials, meeting high requirements for water resistance, dust resistance, increasing rigidity and increasing use time. As a result, customers can rest assured to use solar lights without worrying about the durability of the lights.

Why do we need modern Led street lights?

In today’s modern life, it is not difficult to come across smart, modern devices that bring a lot of benefits to people. For example, products using solar energy such as: Led street light in china, solar fans, solar water heaters, etc. The use of solar light bulbs to replace bulbs is useful.

Incandescent lamps are one of the solutions encouraged by the State to save electricity for the country. If you still have many questions before buying solar lights, please follow the article below.

Before buying a solar light bulb you need to pay attention and learn what?  

Basic parts of solar lights

Currently on the market there are many types of Led Street lights in china with different capacities and models, but they still include the following basic components:


Solar panels

This is the main component as well as an important component that makes up this lamp. Because the solar panel is the object that absorbs sunlight and converts light energy into electricity. It can be said that this is an item that can create a clean, green fuel source that protects the environment.

Solar light bulb

Lighting is indispensable. Led street light in china is high-end chips, operating thanks to DC charge controller and infrared induction. Therefore the light bulb will automatically turn on when it is dark and will automatically turn off during the day. Unlike conventional light bulbs, solar light bulbs are made up of LED chips that help them have a much longer life.

Light Sensor with Led Street light

Led street light in china 2021

All types of solar lights today have light sensors used to detect whether it is light or dark to signal the lights to turn on or off. This creates favorable conditions for users.

Control circuit

This is also one of the parts that perform the control functions of the Led street light in china system. The energy battery that generates the current will be fully stored by the battery. After fully charged, the unit will automatically cut off the current. It is to avoid waste as well as overload causing fire and explosion.

Rechargeable batteries

  • Used to store electricity after solar panels absorb and convert.
  • In addition, the lamp has some other parts such as lamp post, lamp cover, remote control, etc.

How do solar lights work?

Light from the sun comes on the solar panels. The silicon crystals will absorb the photons of the light to push the electron of the silicon atom into a free (e -) current. Then the current will be stored in the storage battery until it is full. Similarly, the DC charge controller will automatically disconnect.

When it is dark, the operating battery provides electricity for the solar light bulb to perform the lighting function.

Benefits that solar light bulbs bring to users

Led lights save operating costs. Led street light in china converts electricity from sunlight. This helps users save money on lighting operations. The solar lighting system does not depend on the domestic electricity system, so even when the power is out, it can still work.

The brightness of the solar lights is comparable to other electric light bulbs of the same wattage.

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