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How can led street light importer reduce your electricity bills?
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How can led street light importer reduce your electricity bills?

led street light importer
The price of electricity continues to increase, with a strong impact on the purchasing power of households. This is why with this article; we give you some advice to reduce your led street light importer bills. You will see that adjusting your contract can make all the difference. And that LED lighting is an excellent ally for saving money … while preserving the planet.


After two successive revaluations in June and August 2020 which raised the price of electricity by 10.9%. And 1.23% respectively, the media are warning that a third increase of 4% could occur in January 2021. Nothing it is therefore surprising that a growing number of households are seeking to reduce their kWh consumption and therefore save.

When you take out an electricity contract, it is crucial to check that the contracted power corresponds to the consumption scenario of your home. Indeed, if the power of your meter is overestimated, you will pay a more expensive subscription for nothing. It is therefore essential to calculate your led street light importer consumption correctly from the start. It can be for a power adjusted to your needs and thus to avoid unnecessarily inflating your bills.

How to find reliable led street light importer?

There are many suppliers, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. To find out if you are paying a fair price, do not hesitate to use an online comparator. This is a completely free tool, very useful for taking stock.

  • save with LED technology
  • Switch to LED


Here we have gathered some of the main advantages of LED technology, for saving… but also for the environment. Opting for LED means saying yes to savings while preserving our beautiful planet.

On average, newer LED bulbs use 60% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. An advantage that will allow you to reduce your bills.

With a useful life exceeding 50,000 hours, LED products are much more durable than traditional lighting products. By replacing your lights less often, you save money while reducing your ecological footprint.

The LED bulbs are controllable. It means it is possible to adjust the intensity of your lighting at any time, and so adjust your intake to your actual needs. You gain in comfort, while allowing you to save money.

Unlike halogens, fluorescent tubes and other conventional luminaires, led street light importer products emit almost no heat: you can turn down the air conditioning in summer; your wallet and the planet will thank you!

How to control led street light remotely?

LED products are easy to control remotely, especially by home automation systems. It’s up to you to configure your smart lighting system to achieve significant energy savings without even thinking about it.

Lighting is an important factor when it comes to public safety. Especially at times of low traffic, the roads need to be well lit to offer the comfort and security that people need to move around the city regardless of the time. With the ample lighting of the LED luminaires, it will be difficult to feel discomfort when walking on a public road.

ECONOMY: lighting-public-led-economy

Conventional led street light importer can offer more than 80% energy savings when compared to other types. The LED optimizes energy use, avoiding waste. It has an instantaneous switch on, has a much more powerful and amplified luminous flux. In addition, the LED luminaires’ own design optimizes the light distribution so that the maximum amount of lighting is common.

DURABILITY: lamp-public-led-durability-resistance

Maintenance is almost non-existent for LED lamps and equipment with our manufacturing standard. The domes of the luminaires are manufactured by means of mechanisms that do not allow for easy degradation of the paint. Moreover, detachment of parts, do not offer risks of accidents, and provide easy and safe installation. Furthermore, with the high potential of LED, the lamps could last up to 3x longer than steam lamps.

led street light importer Provides Sustainability

led street light importer 2021

Sustainability is one of the most important principles for a public project. As LED is a Diode that emits light directly, a public lighting fixture with this technology can prevent the emission of 0.4 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Public lighting is responsible for about 25% of CO2 emissions in the environment. And the adoption of LED lighting would significantly reduce this number.

There’s nothing better than a quiet and cozy environment, whether at home, in a good restaurant or even at work, right? Today we are going to teach you how to bring that feeling just using lighting tricks, shall we?

Lighting goes far beyond necessity and decoration. It can awaken the most diverse sensations in different environments.  For those who want to bring the feeling of coziness in any environment, grab a notebook because here are the tips!

Street Light Temperature 

The temperature of light is one of the crucial factors when it comes to awakening sensations. It directly influences the feeling of comfort, coziness and well-being in people. The cooler, the higher the color temperature will be.

The hue varies according to the heating, generating the need for a different temperature for each room in the house, for example, we don’t want to bring the cozy feeling to the kitchen, right? The kitchen is a place to carry out tasks, so it is necessary to be aware of every movement since it is an environment that even poses risks.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin, and the lower it is (neutral and warm), the greater its color tone. This will bring, consequently, a feeling of coziness and greater well-being.

Bet on a mixture of these lights in the bedrooms and living rooms, they are sure to make you relax after a long and exhausting day. But remember never to install in places that require your attention, such as offices and kitchens.

Indirect Street lighting

Indirect lighting brings a more intimate feel to the place, which is why it is mostly common in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

It works as follows: the light points in the environment direct the luminous flux upwards, being reflected by the ceiling and spreading to the environment, making a more common lighting.

It is a type of lighting that brings a cozy feeling and is ideal for avoiding shadows.


You can even adhere to the yellow led street light importer. But no matter what you choose, indirect lighting with neutral and warm lights will bring the necessary comfort to the environment.

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