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How to solve most common led street light bulbs issues?
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How to solve most common led street light bulbs issues?

led street light bulbs
I am convinced that more urban legends circulate around led street light bulbs   than about chemtrails.

You have no idea how many myths I have had to dispel since I started dealing with lighting. And despite my tireless work of information, very often I run into people who have absolutely no idea of ​​the characteristics and real potential of LED lighting.

Let me give you some examples of the most popular led street light bulbs   doubts:

  • But do LEDs only give off cold light?
  • LEDs cost a lot, don’t they?
  • But how long do they last?
  • But… what guarantee do I have with an LED lamp?

Have you asked yourself these questions too?

This is completely normal. Don’t worry; you have landed in the right place.

In this article, I will answer each of these (apparent) Hamlet questions.

In this way, you will have a clear map and precise answers to guide you in choosing the most suitable lights for your business project or home.

1) I happened to look at myself in a bathroom illuminated by a very cold LED light and see myself so pale that I look sick. It’s normal?

Clients often tell me experiences between the shocking and the amused.

Some buy led street light bulbs   together with the mirrors in the bathroom… Only to find themselves immersed in a light so cold that they look like walking corpses, even though they may have just returned from the sea tanned like lizards.

With drawbacks of this type, the fear that LEDs only generate cold light emerges.

Who would ever want to see themselves in the mirror and welcome guests in an atmosphere that strives to make you look like a ghost?

Why do you need led street light bulbs?

But in the remaining 364 days of the year, you deserve an illumination that does justice to your true embodiment and to any objects in your environment.

For this reason, I want to reassure you. Led street light bulbs don’t just generate cold light. And whoever says otherwise is feeding you false information.

The truth is, you can choose the color of the light you want yourself.

I’ll give you some examples to give you the idea.

If we are designing the lighting plan for a house, a restaurant or a wellness center, naturally it is a must to immerse the rooms in warm light. A light inspired by old incandescent bulbs. In this case, therefore, you will have to aim for a light of 2700K, maximum 3000K (degrees Kelvin).

If we have to illuminate an office or a factory, however, a slightly colder light becomes more effective and functional. The so-called “natural” light of 4000K.

There are also special cases. If you are a jeweler and you sell diamonds, you need to make them shiny and shiny to attract more attention from potential customers. In this specific case – but ONLY in such a context – the most suitable choice would fall on cold led street light bulbs   of 5000K.

2) I have to design my own lighting, but I’m afraid that LEDs cost too much for my budget …

I must admit that – like all cutting-edge technologies – at the beginning even LED lamps cost a lot, if compared to lamps with traditional sources.

In recent times, however, thanks also to the enormous expansion of the sector, prices have become much more accessible. And buying a NON led lamp has definitely lost sense. I now consider it dangerous and uneconomical to invest in nonled street light bulbs  products – and therefore without the real benefits of new generation lamps.

3) I have heard that LED lamps last a long time. But how long exactly do they last?

Probably this is the characteristic of LED lamps that everyone remembers more easily. Most people, however, are unaware of the real life expectancy of these devices.

LEDs last on average 20 times longer than a traditional source. And some particular types of lamps can last even over 50,000 hours.


Specifically, common flexible LED strips and commercial light bulbs – the ones you see all over the place now – last around 20,000 hours.

Professional LED luminaires – built in Italy and with the right criteria – last about 50,000 hours.

Some time ago, a client of mine had big doubts about the real possibility of amortizing the purchase of a supply of LED projectors for 50,000 hours.

Considering led street light bulbs , a simple analysis was enough to dispel his doubts:

  • Shop open for about 8 hours a day -> 50000/8 = 6250 hours
  • So, assuming that the shop remains open 365 days a year:
    6250/365 = over 17 years

As if that weren’t enough, after four years he is still as happy as an Easter, because:

1) He no longer changes bulbs every 6 months and can only focus on his business.

2) He no longer consumes as before and his bills have been positively affected.
3) It no longer heats the room due to the heat of the old halogen bulbs.
4) You can easily afford the luxury of keeping the shop window lights on even at night, because you will not run the risk of fire and the cost will be negligible.

4) Speaking of heat… Don’t I risk the led street light bulbs   melting the chocolates in the window?

It may seem trivial to you, but some types of lamps heat so markedly that they even risk the outbreak of fires.

Without going to these extremes, heat can bring extremely unpleasant disadvantages to an entrepreneur.

How did we solve led street light bulbs problem?

I convinced him to replace the lighting system with a more current one – obviously LED – precisely because these lamps DO NOT heat up and therefore do not damage the products.

A similar problem also occurred to a customer who owns a shop located inside a shopping center.

In that case, the facility’s air conditioning system was underpowered and the lamps got so hot that customers always ended up complaining about the heat.
led street light bulbs 2021

The solution?

By now I think you can imagine it. It was enough to replace the headlights with new led street light bulbs   to solve any problem of excessive heating. The latest generation lamps, in fact, do not generate heat and are perfect for environments where too high a temperature can become a disadvantage.

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