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How to fix led street light bulb replacement issues?
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How to fix led street light bulb replacement issues?

led street light bulb replacement

  • What does the led street track system consist of?
  • Types of track lights
  • The choice of a track lamp for the interior
  • Installation of track led street lights
  • Comparison of single and three phase track lights
  • How to mount track systems correctly?
  • Main advantages
  • Selection Tips

What does the led street light bulb replacement track system consist of?

A led street light bulb replacement emits with a given scattering angle, which depends on the lamp model and the reflector version. For fastening special adapters with fixing clips are common. To fix the device and connect the contacts to the power rails, the clamping ring moves to the ON position. It is to move around the track – to the OFF position.

Power supplies

Drivers (power supplies) are required for LED low voltage luminaires. They deliver 12/24 Volts and maintain a stabilized current required for a stable glow.


The set of accessories ensures correct and reliable assembly of the track system parts, as well as its connection to the electrical network. A set of elements selects individually for each project.

Types of led street light bulb replacement

By type of light sources:

  • Halogen– these lamps have the only advantage – low cost. They are inferior to LED lamps in terms of brightness, power consumption, and durability.
  • Metal halide– have a higher luminous flux. Cons: going to operating mode within 1 minute due to long warm-up, the glow has a greenish tint.
  • LED– the most optimal option for a combination of light output (Lm / W), the duration of trouble-free operation (up to 50,000 hours), efficiency and environmental friendliness.

You can select the color temperature of the glow. They come with led lamps or a non-removable matrix on COB LEDs, the service life of which is 2-3 times longer. The led street light bulb replacement has no limitation on power and brightness.

Magnetic led street light bulb replacement

This is the latest modification of mini-track low-voltage (24 V) systems. It differs from the classical ones in the more convenient fastening of the luminaires to the busbar using neodymium magnets. Lighting fixtures are instantly installed, removed and transferred to new places. If it is necessary to adjust the luminous flux, it is enough to add dimmable power supplies to the package.

The choice of a track lamp for the interior

  1. Power supply.
  • Alternating voltage 220 volts. A single-phase or three-phase connection scheme is common. Scope of application: trade halls, museums, exhibition expositions;
  • Constant voltage 12/24 Volts. It is this modification that usually comes in apartments and private houses.

2. Mounting method of led street light bulb replacement

  • Consignment note – mounting tracks on a concrete ceiling using special fasteners. It is common when creating led street light bulb replacementconfiguration;
  • Suspended – Common to illuminate individual areas, allows you to place the light source at the required height. It is best for ceilings of the “Grilyato” type, when there is no possibility of using the overhead method;
  • Built-in – designed exclusively for low-voltage track systems. The special design and specialized fastenings of decorative ceilings: plasterboard, tension, Armstrong tiled ceilings.

The recessed and surface-mounted track fit with standard track LED luminaires with swivel mounts or cable-hung models.

Power of led street light bulb replacement

The power of all types of lamps is limited to 20 watts. There is no limitation in the case of using a led street light bulb replacement with an LED matrix.

Light flow

It is characterized by brightness in lumens. You can choose the brightness in the range of 400-1200 lm.

Manufacturing material

The range of luminaires is represented by plastic and metal products, as well as combinations of them. Metal surfaces are polished or chrome plated.

Colour temperature of led street light bulb replacement

This determines the shade of white glow: warm, neutral, cold. The figure shows the gradation of temperatures:


You can choose the design of the lamp for the interior in any of the popular styles: techno, loft, hi-tech, classic. Manufacturers offer all kinds of cabinet shapes in a variety of colors and finishes.

Installation of track lights

Before starting the installation, you need to draw a diagram with the location of the tracks and the laying of the power supply cable. For a 12/24 Volt track system, you will need to locate the AC / DC driver.

Algorithm for performing installation work:

  1. Marking the arrangement of lights on the ceiling.
  2. Adjustment of track rails to design lengths. The excess is sawn off with a hacksaw.
  3. Installation of lights.
  4. Supply voltage from a 220 Volt network or from a driver.=
  5. Installation of track lights.

led street light bulb replacement 2021

Comparison of single and three phase track lights

Single-phase and three-phase luminaires connect to a single-phase power supply. In a 1-phase system, the led street light bulb replacement have one phase bus, and in a 3-phase system, three lights.


Each phase conductor switches by a separate rocker switch. A switch on the body of the illuminator allows you to select any of the three phases.

Several lighting fixtures are easy to connect to each phase and controlled independently. Thus, a three-phase track system of luminaires makes it possible to create independent groups to illuminate different areas of the room and turn them on / off as needed.

How to mount track systems correctly?

The way the tracks depends on their design:

  • overhead – fastening to a concrete ceiling with self-tapping screws, brackets, clips, brackets;
  • Recessed – side flanges allow you to securely fix the tracks in the grooves of the plasterboard ceiling, the gaps between the Armstrong tiles. The bus duct built into the stretch ceiling is mounted on a profile comes on a rough ceiling;

Why do you need led street light bulb replacement?

The light bulb plays a very important role not only in the office, but also at home. Today’s best LED bulbs 2020 can save up to 90 percent energy.

Such a light bulb is increasingly found in chandeliers and on store shelves. When buying such a light bulb, we must pay attention to its technical characteristics, which the manufacturer indicates on the packaging.

The light source in these types of lamps is a led street light bulb replacement. This consists of a phosphor and a blue LED. The latter emits light with a wavelength of about 450 nm.

Power and amount of generated light

LED bulbs are currently among the most energy efficient, so the wattage on the packaging can be misleading. As it turned out, the packaging indicates values ​​in the range of 7-10 W, which is not so much compared to traditional incandescent lamps.

Therefore, before making a purchase, carefully check the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as how he compares the product he created. Usually the equivalent is described in the technical parameters, so we advise you to read everything carefully. Sometimes user reviews will help, which you can easily find on the Internet.

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