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How to install led solar street lights in urban areas in 2021?
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How to install led solar street lights in urban areas in 2021?

Led solar street lights, street with the advantages prominent has been gradually replacing the sample streetlights tradition. LED street lights are a in these objects occupy strengths in lighting community today are relatively many investors rated high.

led solar street lights

However, there are still quite common people do not understand about this product. To not lose time shopping out, we suggest a few things you must know about urban lighting LED street light pole.

  • 1 What is LED street light?
  • 2 Why use LED street lights?
    • 1 Energy saving
    • 2 Brightness guaranteed for pedestrians
    • 3 High durability
    • 4 Safe and environmentally friendly
    • 5 Modern, compact design
  • 3 Instructions on how to install LED street lights
    • 1 Method 1: Arrangement of LED Street Lights on one side
    • 2 Method 2: Arrange staggered lights on both sides of the road
    • 3 Method 3: Opposite arrangement LED street lights on both sides of the road
    • 4 Method 4: Arrangement of LED Street Lights at the median
  • 4 Where to buy genuine, cheap LED street lights?

What is LED Street light?

LED Street light (high-pressure LED Street light) is a type of lamp using advanced LED technology in lighting, composed of 4 main parts:

  • lamp housing
  • heat sink
  • LED chip
  • LED source

Furthermore, LED street lights are common for lighting systems for urban roads, rural roads, inter-provincial roads, districts and communes.

1. Overview of urban led solar street lights

1.1. History of the development of LED lighting

The 19th century was a period of exciting to survive through stages of provinces turned quickly be affected by the way the industrial network. In 1878, the light pole power lines first came in Paris, and say the word.

We take up is a common feature in all these cities in the world. Today, the led solar street lights are very common in many celebrations.

Additional lighting capability of the pillars of high-voltage lamps create conditions for controlling the means of communication more secure. At the same time increase the sense of security for the people that work and live in the area. Therefore, LED street light pole has gradually occupy its position and replace the units streetlights tradition

1.2. Structural features of LED street light poles

Led solar street lights are now and are no longer strange to many people. The product is a lighting device manufactured according to modern lighting technology to meet the majority of public lighting needs.

Structure Lighting LED Street light pole consists of two main components: lamppost and have LED street lamps are made from steel pure and handling techniques hot dip galvanized. Thanks to this processing technique, the durability of the lamp post increases, preventing rust and corrosion.

With the installation of LED lighting will be owning the very diverse interests:

  • luminous efficiency high
  • natural light
  • luminous intensity sharply
  • index high color rendering that power consumption

This is cheaper helping thrifty power up to 80% over the ownership of the column traditional streetlights.

2. The points of note about the LED street lamp post Urban lighting

Galvanized Led Street Lights

2.1. Height of lighting pole

Normal height proportional lampposts will carry illuminated capacity to have density suitable lighting. In most of these cases, the height of the road is in the range from 9 to 14 feet. Meanwhile, led solar street lights poles should produce enough light but not be excessive glare.

  • Height 5m -6m: 50W-100W
  • Height 8m: Install 1 bulb, 150W, or 200W
  • 10m height: Install 1 250W . bulb
  • Height 12m: forced to install 250W bulbs or led headlights

2.2 Consistency led solar street lights and about methods of installation

Although they help fight crime, street lights are common to light the way for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. However, in phase installation to avoid these errors occur, you need attention to some tips standards between the lamppost street lighting brings the height respectively.

  • Standard construction between two lampposts in highways, major roads, the apartment buildings, squares, about how is 33-36m
  • With no small spaces: alleys, gardens, residential areas, about little secret installation standards: 25-35m

2.3. The environment in which we can install led solar street lights

Depending on the environment, not space, places for erecting streetlights that you need to choose the appropriate products.


2.4. Increase the aesthetics of the installation area

Most of the non- space urban or more sparkling and more beautiful comes by the quality of led solar street lights t system on the route. Not only owns premium features, which designs special products have gradually replaced all the street lights in the traditional period of nearly here.

The sample column of this LED street lamps with a very charming and interesting with can change a way of aesthetic one not time urban tedious.

2. 5. Street Light Maintenance

A standard LED street light pole ownership can illuminate continuously for about 10 to 12 hours one day and long service life of 50,000 hours drag. 8 times that brought the kind lamppost normal.

led solar street lights with outstanding advantages gradually replace traditional high-pressure lamps, are widely applied in street lighting today. The product not only brings high lighting efficiency but also helps to solve the most perfect economic problem today.

Why use LED street lights?

Energy saving

led solar street lights use advanced and modern LED technology, so that the ability to save electricity is also significantly increased. Compared with traditional high-voltage lamps, LED street lights consume 40% to 80% less power.

Guaranteed brightness for pedestrians

With CRI>80 color rendering, the light emitted is more realistic, anti-glare, making pedestrians safer on the go.


LED street lights have a lighting time of up to 30,000 hours which is much longer than traditional high-pressure lamps. Especially modern street lights can add lightning protection, rain water resistance and impacts from harsh environments.

This is also a feature that high pressure lamps do not have. In addition, with a common IP rating of IP65~66, the lamp is well protected from solids such as dust and water. Thus, even with thunderstorms, the lights will still operate stably and be affected, helping to increase the lifespan and reduce the costs of warranty, replacement and repair.
led solar street lights 2021

Safe and environmentally friendly led solar street lights

Many experts give importance to led solar street lights by many experts in the field of lighting equipment because of their low emission of heat and CO2. Therefore, street lights help protect the environment and are safe for the health of users.

Outdoor LED lights do not contain harmful chemicals such as mercury.

Modern, compact design

In addition to the LED light has outstanding advantages in lighting; it also comes in the aesthetics of the lamp. LED designs are usually compact and easy to transport and install.

Most LED street lights are designed with a powder coating to prevent corrosion from the effects of weather or in areas with harsh climates.

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