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5 Top Features of Led CB IECEE street light in china
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5 Top Features of Led CB IECEE street light in china

Led CB IECEE street light in china 2022
Led CB IECEE street light in china
is still a fairly new product on the market today. However, with outstanding advantages such as:

  • no electricity costs
  • long service life
  • easy installation

Therefore, the use of this type of lamp is not only an inevitable trend of the present). To learn more about genuine, cheap solar sensor lights in 2022, follow the article below.

Structure of the Led CB IECEE Street light in china

Solar lights have the same solar motion sensor as regular lights. The lamp components include the housing, the LED bulb. There is also a battery panel. Moreover, it attaches to the lamp or detached that connects to the lamp by a cable.

In the lighting device there will be a main battery pack. It stores the collected energy and the sensor will trigger the light to turn on after motion is detected.

How does the solar sensor light work?

When there is movement (human) in the area near the light (sensor area), the light will automatically turn on to maximum (100%).

When there is no movement in this area for a period of time, the light will turn on in dim mode (about 30% of the brightness) to save energy.

Led CB IECEE street light in china don’t work all the time. This means it’s a very energy efficient solution as you go.

Solar motion sensor lights are used both for safety reasons (lighting dark aisles, hallways, porches, etc. when you get home, thus allowing for a clear view) and security purposes (detection) out who comes near your area).

With preeminent features that many like, motion sensor solar lights are most commonly found in wall lights, street lights, etc.

Advantages of solar sensor lights

Cost saving: This is the first advantage to mention when using solar sensor lights. It is thanks to the ability to convert light energy into electricity that this device helps people save significant monthly costs.

Solar lights are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly improving products, adding more modern features. The most typical is the 3-mode solar light, which meets the needs and desires of users more.

3 modes of Led CB IECEE street light in china

Currently, most solar lights are manufactured with integrated 3 active light modes, with outstanding intelligent design, giving you a comfortable life.

Lights up at night, off during the day

This is a simple mode that all Led CB IECEE street light in china have. At night when it is dark, the light bulb will be activated. It uses the energy stored in the battery or battery to light up.

When it is bright enough, the light will be automatically turned off by the system. Instead, switch to charging mode, receiving sunlight and charging the battery through the panel, storing energy to continue using for the next day.

When someone passes by at night, it’s bright, if not, it’s off

To save battery to the maximum extent, or use for certain purposes. Some lights are designed to touch when someone passes, the light will turn on, if no one passes, the light will still turn off. For garden lights or roads, this mode is quite inappropriate, because people need to clearly observe the road ahead.

If someone passes by, the light is clear, if not, the light is dim

Normally, the lights will shine at a moderate intensity, enough for people to see the road or illuminated areas from a distance. When someone passes, the light bulb will be brighter so that everyone can see better than, as well as ensure the light is suitable for the eyes.

3 modes of Led CB IECEE street light in china serve different purposes and requirements. Depending on the situation as well as the installation purpose, you need to configure it accordingly through the controller.

+ Lighting the way should turn on the light mode continuously at night.

+ During the day, when it rains, if you don’t charge enough electricity, you can use the light sensor mode, which is bright, clear or someone passes by to light up.

+ Lights for conferences, events, and guest programs can be flexibly used.

+ Areas such as gates, doors, gardens, garages, stairs can be used arbitrarily according to demand.

The Structure of Led CB IECEE street light

You know, natural resources are increasingly exhausted, even though power plants operate, they still cannot guarantee the capacity and use needs of the people. Therefore, many alternative measures are gradually popularized and solved these problems.

The most typical example is Led CB IECEE street light in china. Solar lights are made up of many parts, including the light bulb. Currently, the bulbs of this product line can be made of different types of bulbs and materials. In particular, led lights are the best and best choice that you should use.
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Get the best results

The 50W halogen lamp converts 90% of the electricity used into heat, with only 10% used to produce light.

Meanwhile, LED lights use 85% of electricity to create light, ensuring relatively low heat output. This shows that LED lights will have very little solar energy to serve for lighting when compared to Halogen. This is also one of the points that show how good solar LED lights are.

Small size, compact, suitable

The size of LEDs is very small, along with beautiful, neat designs from manufacturers like Micled. The LED solar lights always ensure the aesthetics, elegance and luxury of the products. Some types are also used to decorate gardens, restaurants, and villas.

Longevity can’t be faulted

Led CB IECEE street light in china has a long lifespan of up to 50000 hours of operation. 5 times more than CFL or nearly 29 times that of conventional filament bulbs. This is also the reason that the price of the lamp is often many times higher than that of other bulbs.

Very durable, able to withstand extreme weather

LED lights, especially outdoor products, always have to meet the requirements of:

  • heat resistance
  • water resistance
  • dust resistance and impact resistance

Therefore they are usually designed to be durable and ensure European standards and guarantee certain IP ratings.

Glow in certain place

If incandescent bulbs often shine in a certain direction and spread the light around, LED bulbs illuminate in certain areas. With this feature, the product is applied for lighting in many areas and necessary coordinates.

MIC is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of LED lighting and solar lights in China, as well as the leading provider in energy-saving solutions.
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