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10 Benefits of Commercial Integrated Solar led Street Light
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10 Benefits of Commercial Integrated Solar led Street Light

Industrial LED light: how to choose?

Integrated Solar led Street Light

Integrated solar led street light for industrial workshops need to be stronger and more comfortable than home luminaires. We install them in factories, warehouses, service stations, car washes, workshops, greenhouses and farms. In such rooms, it is dirty and humid, and in winter the temperature can drop below zero.

In this article, we have selected 10 important parameters for choosing LED lighting for production halls of a factory, warehouse or workshop.

1. Protection against voltage surges

In an industrial enterprise, high-power equipment is often common. It causes power surges and noise in the network. Because of this, luminaires often fail.

Integrated solar led street light using PULS fuses are protected against voltage surges, line disturbances and short circuits. You do not have to worry about frequent fixing of breakdowns or contacting the service department. This will save you time and money.

  1. Degree of protection of the case

The IP (Ingress Protection) index shows how protected the lamp is from dirt and water. In production, dust and moisture resistance is one of the most important parameters. Splashing or dusting an unprotected instrument will significantly reduce its service life.

For production, devices with a protection index of at least IP 65 are good to take.

3. Integrated solar led street light Temperature conditions

The enterprise needs powerful integrated solar led street light in rooms with high or low temperatures. LED shop lights can work in frost and heat.

The operating temperature range for the LED is from -20 to +40 degrees.

  1. Robust case

For safety at the facility, lighting fixtures are good in a robust housing that can withstand minor shocks and vibrations. It is important for fire safety that the lamp is made of non-combustible material.

LED lamps for workshop lighting are resistant to minor mechanical damage and are not flammable.

  1. Uniform lighting

If employees are indoors for a long time, the company should take care of comfortable lighting.

 How to Choose Industrial integrated solar led street light?

Take with a diffuser that distributes light evenly, and the luminous flux hardly diminishes over time.

  1. Easy cleaning

In workshops, integrated solar led street light get dirty quickly. For such places, they take models with a smooth surface made of durable material. And dead insects do not accumulate in a closed plafond.

  1. Convenient installation

It is worth choosing such industrial LED lamps that are easy to install on floor beams or fix on any surface: concrete, brick, panel, and drywall.

It doesn’t take long to install LED lights. It’s also easy to move them around when needed.

8. Simple disposal of integrated solar led street light

Integrated solar led street light contain up to 5 g of mercury. If they fail, they must be taken for recycling.

Integrated Solar led Street Light 2021

LED lamps do not require special disposal conditions.

  1. Light temperature

For industrial premises, fluorescent or cold lamps are chosen. Light in the range from 4,000 to 6,400 K invigorates and helps you concentrate on work.

  1. Low power consumption

This is one of the most important characteristics: in production you need powerful lighting that works for many hours in a row. Advantages of industrial LED lamps:

  • consume 3-5 times less electricity than fluorescent or gas-discharge lamps of the same power;
  • have a longer service life than their counterparts. LEDs do not go out of service for up to 5 years.

LEDs will help save energy by using the same bright integrated solar led street light.

Basic integrated solar led street light on the street

LED street light strips emit bright streaks of light that illuminate the surrounding area well. Therefore, many owners of private homes and small businesses use LED strip as the main lighting for the street. The tapes are mounted over the entrance to the house, gazebo, and outbuildings.

Light stripes make the exterior of buildings unusual and impressive, giving the impression of a dreamlike reality. Choose from monochrome or multi-color RGB tape with a rich palette of colors and tints.

Illuminated tourist tent

The romance of hiking with an overnight stay in a tent attracts thousands of people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. Each trip to nature becomes a holiday that you want to make interesting and memorable.

An ordinary tourist tent becomes a dwelling from a fairy tale when illuminated with an LED strip. It is enough to buy integrated solar led light 12-volt led strip, decorate the tent canvas with it and connect it to a car battery. The oppressive darkness instantly recedes, and your bivouac turns into an island of comfort in the middle of the endless wild forest.

The Technology of integrated solar led street light

The technology of mounting LED strip in concrete and other types of hard coatings makes it possible to use it to form light lines. An original solution is to lay an ice tape in front of a pedestrian crossing to duplicate traffic signals.

The bright three-color backlight synchronized with the traffic light significantly improves the safety of pedestrians, especially children and the elderly.

Landscape designers mount smd-tape in the covering of park and garden paths, as well as along the perimeter of benches, fountains, pavilions. In the dark, this backlight looks very impressive and stylish. Lines of light push the darkness apart and illuminate the path, fostering a romantic mood while hiking.

Building facade lighting

Illumination of facades of buildings and structures plays an important role in architectural design. Any unremarkable house is easy to turn into an original art object by illuminating it with integrated solar led street light. It is possible to implement any illumination scheme with remote control of the brightness of the glow and the color gamut.

The advantage of this option is the ability to attach a colored tape to facades of various shapes and sizes. Installation is easy to carry out in hard-to-reach places where it is problematic to use floodlights or other lighting devices.

Boom illumination of a tower crane

The creation of integrated solar led street light for a construction crane performs for decorative and marketing purposes. The tower crane with bright multicolored ice-light looks very original and attractive. This decor is great for attracting the attention of potential customers to the construction contractor.

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