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4 Ideal Places to install Street Rod Flush Mount Led Tail Lights
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4 Ideal Places to install Street Rod Flush Mount Led Tail Lights

Like all LED technology, street rod flush mount led tail light is a sustainable product. Moreover, it comes with great performance and long durability.

Street Rod Flush Mount Led Tail Lights

Adhering to the LED tail lights as a lighting proposal for any environment in your home, indoors and outdoors, is to agree with the prospect of a cleaner and more promising world.

Congratulations on your choice! But now you need to install your LED tail light, right?

Be brave and let’s go, as always, turning off the electricity is the absolute security that you will be able to carry out your work, without haste and with better quality, and this is very important.

Then, separate everything you will need for installation, such as:

  • Gloves;
  • Test key;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Cutting pliers;

Install led reflector for street rod flush mount led tail lights

The street rod flush mount led tail lights come ready-made in the package, and you will find it in powers of 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 watts, to suit different needs.

There are even reflectors with presence sensor, which does not make installation difficult at all, today, we will stick to the placement of this reflector, check it out.

External use led reflector

1 . Prepare the place to install the reflector

It is always worthwhile to carefully observe the place where you will install the street rod flush mount led tail lights. Similarly, you need to consider, for example, whether its lighting capacity will be used to the full.

2. Identify the street rod flush mount led tail lights


In your tail lights you will see that there are three wires, right?

Ground wire normally yellow with green trim, which we’re going to ignore;

  • Phase which is the brown wire;
  • Neutral, which is the blue wire.

Identify led reflector wires

Remembering that there is no standardization of the colors of the wires, but these are common in reflectors. The ground wire comes with the green strip.

You must connect the wires from the reflector to the photocell, which is the presence sensor, which also comes with three wires:

  • Phase which is the red wire;
  • Moreover, neutral which is the blue wire;

And the yellow one for charge, which serves to make the direct connection between the reflector and the photocell, it is the key that informs when the reflector should turn on.

 3. Connect the street rod flush mount led tail lights wires

The first step is to connect the connector wires to the photocell wires, see the order:

  • Phase wire of the reflector with phase wire of the photocell;
  • Neutral wire of the reflector with neutral wire of the photocell;

Connect the photocell to the electrical network. Similarly, note that there are only two wires, as the phase wire of the reflector will only be connected to the photocell.

4. Position the reflector and turn on the power

Finish the photocell in the hole, position the reflector and turn on the electrical power.

position led reflector ninety degrees


Important note for street rod flush mount led tail light!

  • Note the color temperature, if it is suitable for your purpose
  • Guarantee of water resistance
  • The photo cell fits neatly into the switch location
  • The presence sensor is fantastic for energy savings.

The reflector must be positioned at a 90º angle so that the rainwater runs off completely.

Street Rod Flush Mount Led Tail Lights 2021

Lighting is one of the most important elements when developing a project, whether residential or commercial. A well thought-out light distribution highlights objects, shapes furniture and directs our attention.

Planning is important in street rod flush mount led tail lights installation


Planning good street rod flush mount led tail lights can make the space more functional, in addition to reducing energy consumption. Before going shopping, it is important to keep in mind the answers to some questions, such as: how many light points are needed for each environment? Which lamps and lighting fixtures are best suited for each scenario and how will the lighting in this place be used by residents?

Another item to take into account is the natural lighting in each of these spaces. As each area requires a specific type of lighting, we have prepared a basic guide that can influence your next lighting project:

Street rod flush mount led tail light Indicated light: Yellow

It is the environment to receive friends, gather the family and enjoy the moments and relax. It is the place to combine lights, such as diffused and soft, allowing the addition of a dimmer. Lighting points can be useful and help with daily tasks, but beware: if it is on top of armchairs or sofas, it can bother people who fall below this focus.

DINING ROOM Indicated light: White

Here the focus is on the dining table, so the use of chandeliers or pendants is recommended. If the table is too long, the installation of auxiliary light point street rod flush mount led tail lights on the sides is required.

KITCHEN Indicated light: White       

It is the scenario that needs to be always very clear, as the environment demands a lot of attention. In the kitchen, people deal with sharp objects, food and fried foods, so the ideal is uniform lighting.

RESTROOM Indicated street rod flush mount led tail lights

Even being the smallest space in the home, the bathroom needs something personalized. Like the kitchen, this environment also calls for bright and bright lighting. In addition to the general light on the ceiling, with intense focus, the ideal is a diffused lamp for the mirror, so that the person’s face is evenly illuminated and without shadows. Similarly, street rod flush mount led tail lights makes it easier when applying makeup, shaving, etc.

Indicated lights: Yellow or Neutral

The room asks for soft and cozy lighting. A general luminaire, or even LEDs embedded in plaster ceilings, make the environment pleasant. For those who like to read in bed, or get up in the middle of the night, a bedside lamp is a great option. For those looking for lighting effects, a dimmer can set the desired lighting adjustment.

Hall street rod flush mount led tail light: White or Neutral

This environment for people to circulate requires uniform lighting that reaches its entire length, whether with the distribution of lamps, ceiling lamps or street rod flush mount led tail lights built into the ceiling.

Technological advances do not stop; they continue to generate improvements for companies and also for domestic spaces. These improvements have been shown to be present in advances in the optimization and use of non-renewable energies.


Therefore, the street rod flush mount led tail light has been gaining space by replacing the traditional normal tube light. That’s because they are more efficient, sustainable and economical. Want to know more about the subject? So stay with us! We will explain everything in this post.

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