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What is direct and indirect LED post top lantern lighting?
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What is direct and indirect LED post top lantern lighting?

LED post top lantern
For a restaurant to be attractive, in addition to service and menu, it must be comfortable. This quality, in turn, is achieved with a functional distribution of furniture, with the appropriate choice of decoration. And the most important is a good LED Post Top Lantern lighting project, for example.

The correct use of light is extremely important. This not only influences the comfort of customers, but also the length of stay of people in the establishment and the appearance of the food. With a proper design, colors and textures are intensified, making the food look more pleasant and eye-catching.

Install Efficient LED Post Top Lantern

For your restaurant to have efficient lighting, in addition to project thinking about general and focused lights, it is important to know the types of lamps, their costs and, mainly, their energy efficiency. So, check out in this post some lighting tips for restaurants.  And why LED Post Top Lantern is the most suitable option for environments!


First of all, it is essential that you know what your restaurant’s proposal is to choose the right lighting. Moreover, it will be part of the decoration of the rooms and will give customers the style of your business.

For this, it is important to know your target audience, what they do, how old they are, what they like, etc. Also, answer a few questions about your own business: will your restaurant only be open at night or during the day? Does he have a proposal for a romantic dinner or meeting with friends after work? Thus, it will be easier to know which lighting to use and which points are worth highlighting.

Thinking about LED Post Top Lantern for restaurants, it is also important to plan the light layers. It is, divide the functions into four parts. You can choose the best lighting according to your desire and need.


It is the general lighting, which will highlight the environment. Currently, the most suitable is to use the LED lamp or LED ceiling lights.


It should be used at specific points, such as countertops, kitchen and bar countertops and shelves, for example.


They are for architectural elements or objects that deserve to be highlighted. Similarly, the dichroic, sconces and some outstanding are examples of spot lighting.


It is the LED Post Top Lantern lighting that gives the place its identity. For decorative lighting, LED ribbons, chandeliers and neon, for example, are commonly used.

Generally, some of these types of lighting can have different effects. We have separated some of them so that you can choose the ideal one for each corner of your establishment. Check out!


Direct lighting is used on the surface where an activity takes place, such as on the kitchen and bar countertops and on restaurant tables. Moreover, direct light also fulfills the function of highlighting specific points, such as paintings, plants and decorative objects.

Among the various options are pendants, spotlights, table and floor lamps and lampshades. The chosen lamp must be suitable for this purpose. With LED Post Top Lantern being the most suitable, as they:

  • do not emit UV rays
  • do not change the colors of objects and foods,
  • Moreover, do not heat the environment and do not attract insects.

The direct light beam can be diffused and uniform or directed according to the chosen angle.


In indirect lighting, light reflects off a surface and spreads throughout the room. It is suitable for all types of spaces, but those with light colored walls have optimized lighting.

In this type of lighting, the glare is controlled, as it diffuses through the space, ensuring visual comfort. For this purpose, it is recommended to install the luminaire on the plaster ceiling using moldings and a lowered ceiling, for example, or on the floor, using sconces and spotlights.

LED post top lantern 2021

Combining direct and indirect lighting in the same space creates different ambiences, using the ceiling and walls as a reflection surface. The environment will be properly lit, highlighting some points of interest.


Diffuse light is what spreads throughout the environment. It is the most basic lighting, which should be in all spaces, as it allows you to carry out all activities. This effect is achieved, for example, with stronger lamps in milky glass ceiling lights. This breaks down light intensity without diminishing its ability to illuminate evenly. This comes easily with LED Post Top Lantern.


This effect is one that lights up from the bottom up. It is widely used in facades, gardens, columns, statues and to demarcate paths. It is obtained through reflectors or beacons built into the floor.


The downlight directs its light from top to bottom. The light source must be hidden to avoid glare. The luminaires, on the other hand, must be specific for this use, with the spot embedded in the ceiling being more common.

The LED downlight has 95% brightness, consuming only 5% of electrical energy, while the common ones emit only 20% of brightness, consuming 80% of energy.


Also called the “washed wall” or “light bath” effect, wall washing is achieved by means of LED Post Top Lantern built into the ceiling.

Among these alternatives mentioned, the 10W power LED reflector is ideal only for internal areas of the house, as it has a luminous flux of only 1000 lumens. Now, as your goal is to purchase a product for a garden or other environment outside the home, it is better to opt for power starting at 30W.

The truth is, it will all depend on the size of your area. If the space in your garden is large, you will need greater luminosity, therefore, reflectors with greater power.

Led Lights Applications

Overall, the 50W reflector does the job and is therefore also the most popular. They are recommended for different applications: larger gardens, large tree lighting and condominiums. If that’s your case, it might be the best option.

But if a higher flow is needed, as in parking lots, 100W l LED Post Top Lantern is more suitable. Above that, from 300W, the reflectors have technical applications. Not your case, right?

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