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How to install Led street light china? Beginner’s Guide (2021)
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How to install Led street light china? Beginner’s Guide (2021)

Led street light china
In the ground, on the wooden terrace, in the concrete floor or on a paved path – the installation of Led street light china in the outdoor area are versatile. In the case of floor spotlights, however, it is necessary that the built-in floor is prepared in advance for professional installation. The preparation steps required differ depending on the substrate.

To give you a comprehensive overview, we will introduce you to the various substrates and explain what you need to consider when installing a spotlight. And when and why do I actually need a built-in box? You will also find out about this in the following article.

The floor for installing spotlights: this is what you should pay attention to

Basically, almost any floor is suitable for installing Led street light china. But it is important that the lamp is not in a depression. Otherwise water can collect on the surface of the lamp, which can lead to long-term damage. On a level or raised surface, the water drains off automatically and the floor lamp does not stand in the water for a long time.

Suitable floor for recessed Led street light china

The installation surfaces: These are the differences in the installation

Depending on where you want to install LED in-ground spotlights outside, there are certain things to consider.

The following substrates are most commonly used:

  • The installation of ground spotlights in lawn, grass or earth
  • Ground spotlight built into the lawn

In-ground spotlights

The installation of Led street light china in the ground, such as in a flower or vegetable patch, in the lawn along a path or in the ground to illuminate a tree, is relatively straightforward. The emitters are inserted into a hole dug in the ground and fixed with earth.

The connection to the power grid is made by an underground cable that is laid in the ground. A built-in box does not have to be used, but offers additional protection. In addition, the emitters can be removed more easily, e.g. B. for maintenance purposes.

In any case, we recommend that you install a drainage made of gravel or sand underneath the lamp to put. This ensures that rainwater can quickly seep back through the gaps and that the heater does not stand in the water for a long time.

The installation of Led Street light china in gravel or bark mulch

  • Gravel along a path with floor lights
  • Ground spotlights in the bark mulch

The installation of a recessed floor spotlight in loose ground, such as a gravel bed or bark mulch, is comparable to installing it in the ground. Here, too, the spotlight is simply placed in the excavated hole and this is then refilled with gravel.

As in the ground, the use of a built-in box protects the spotlight, but its use is not absolutely necessary. An additional drainage is not necessary because the ground already has good water permeability.

The installation of floor spotlights in (wooden) floorboards

  • Wooden floorboards with floor lights
  • Illuminated wooden terrace

When installing the spotlight in a wooden terrace, a recess that matches the spotlight must first be cut into the wood with a hole saw. Then the Led street light china is inserted into the hole and rests on its own stainless steel plate. An additional installation box does not have to be used because the heater has no direct contact with the earth.

For a better hold, you can attach the lamp with a little silicone. Please note, however, that the floor spot can then no longer be removed so easily in the event of maintenance. The cable for power supply, you can easily store under the terrace. Ideally, you should install the electrical connections before lying the decking.

The installation of floor spotlights in concrete

  • Concrete path in the garden with floor lights
  • Concrete terrace with Led street light china

If you want to set in concrete floor lights, you should definitely use a recessed box so that you can remove the light at any time. Before pouring concrete over it, fix the box in a stable manner so that it does not move unintentionally when it is set in concrete.

Led street light china 2021

In addition, it is important that you glue the open underside of the box tightly so that no concrete can penetrate the cavity and the heater still has enough space when it is later inserted. Also ensure the power supply by laying an empty conduit for the cables to the mounting box and concreting it in with it.

Pay Attention to the Led street light china ceiling

Again, pay attention to the sealing with adhesive tape so that no concrete can penetrate the pipe. After the concrete has hardened, run the connection cable through the pipe, connect the floor lamp and then place it in the installation box.

The installation of Led street light china in paving stones or stone slabs

  • Paving stones with LED floor lights
  • Entrance with stone slabs and ground spots

Led street light china can also be built into a paved path afterwards. To do this, the corresponding paving stones or stone slabs are removed from the laying point and provided with a suitable hole using a diamond drill bit.

Then the radiator is placed in the hole. We also recommend the use of a mounting box here. The connection cable or conduit can be covered with the gravel underneath. In the last step the stones are put back in their original place and grouted.

The built-in box: When it makes sense to use it

The installation of a recessed floor spotlight is possible with or without a built-in box. Depending on the substrate, the use of an additional installation sleeve is recommended or necessary.

Summary: Led street light china

Depending on where you want to install Led street light china, different precautions must be taken. Installation in earth, gravel or bark mulch is relatively uncomplicated, with wood, concrete or stone an additional tool is required to drill the necessary recesses.

A built-in box also protects the spotlight from dirt, but it is not absolutely necessary to use it on all floors.

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