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How to change a hps street light to a led light?
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How to change a hps street light to a led light?

How to change a hps street light to a led light?
Solar led garden light is one of the led lights common to illuminate and decorate garden premises at:

  • Home
  • Park
  • Restaurant
  • hotel or in the field of stage

These lamps come in many different designs and styles, but their main function is decorative. They create a beautiful campus and bringing great relaxing feelings in such spaces. To learn more about this type of lamp, please refer to the article below.

What is the LED garden light?

LED garden lights are lights common for outdoor lighting with its main purpose being to decorate the spaces it lights up. This is a product that is not only common for lighting but also contributes to the elegance and warmth of your outdoor space.

How to change a hps street light to a led light? It is equally outstanding and aesthetically pleasing. Because of the intended use of LED garden lights, they are common for decoration in the outdoor area. The lights often have a high protection index, diverse designs, and delicate designs that are suitable for many design styles.

LED garden lights have many different types such as underground lights, floor lamps, mushroom pillar lights, lawn lights, gate post lights…

Applications of led garden lights

How to change a hps street light to a led light? When mentioning the name of this type of lamp, the first place that customers think of is probably the area of ​​​​the campus, their garden. The choice of led lights you will feel satisfied right from the mention of their name.

Modern LED technology has created a variety of garden lights from designs to light colors. Moreover, the good outdoor lighting and extremely economic power consumption of the new garden lights are two things that make you like them.

Led garden solar lights

Houses with gardens and trees can use low -power solar lights from 5w such as lawn lights. As for tall trees with large foliage, 10w led floodlights will be a more effective lighting choice for you.

These lights will help your garden yard to light up at night. It keeps thieves away from the area around your home and help the space decorative in the evening.

How to change a hps street light to a led light?

If your home has long aisles, the choice of LED garden lights will be very reasonable. There are many ways you can design a walkway lighting system. It can be the use of:

  • mushroom lamp posts
  • underground lights
  • underground lights or simply lawn lights to install along the two sides of the aisle

It helps you to easily move in the evening and also helps your campus become more sparkling when night falls.

Led solar lights for wall and gate lighting

This is also known as the gate post light, which is usually installed for the purpose of decoration and lighting for the gate area in particular. You can also use this light to bring a luxurious beauty to your home.

Underwater LED lights for swimming pool lighting

This type of underwater LED light is also one of the garden lighting product lines that many people pay attention to. Especially the premises with a family swimming pool system, the underwater lights will help the atmosphere of the Event parties become more attractive and sparkling than ever.

Some notes when choosing to buy led garden lights

LED garden lights are lights common for outdoor lighting, so when choosing garden lights you need to pay attention to water resistance, dust resistance, safe electrical insulation, good illumination, light must be concentrated. It also illuminates the right distance to the trees.

How to change a hps street light to a led light? Depending on the garden space, you should choose a lamp with an appropriate lighting capacity. The bulb in the garden only needs to have enough power to illuminate the path and objects. There is no need to use too large power bulbs to cause glare, reduce the aesthetics of the house and cause additional electricity costs.

In addition, when buying this type of light, you should choose to buy at reputable LED garden lights to be able to buy genuine and high-quality products.

Where to install street solar led light?

When you have a residential campus with lots of trees or do business in the fields of hotels and resorts, you should use these led lights to make your home space lit up and cozy at night. Choose the garden light products that suit your needs to bring the most satisfaction to the product.

Solar street lights are currently an optimal solution for street lighting or outdoor public buildings. Because it brings so many benefits to people, solar street lights are a great and cost-effective alternative for lighting projects because the installation cost is low and there is no operating cost. . To learn more about this type of street light, please follow the article below.

Importance of solar street light

About the principle of operation of solar led lights: The solar panel will absorb the incoming solar radiation and convert the light energy into electricity.

Third, LED chips must have clear origins and are products of reputable brands. Not only has that, LED lights needed to have a high protection index to resist the ingress of water and dirt. This is the general standard for LED street lights.

How to change a hps street light to a led light? In addition, the lights also need to meet TVS lightning protection standards to avoid unfortunate incidents in the rainy season.

Benefits that solar street lights bring to life

When the problem of environmental pollution, the greenhouse effect is gradually becoming hot issues, it is necessary to find solutions to protect the environment. Solar lights are one of the green products that will replace them. In the near future to reduce emissions to the environment as well as save non-renewable resources.

The process of generating electricity with solar cells does not emit any harmful gases nor emits noise.

Solar Street Light Reduce costs

Firstly, the installation cost of solar street lights is low, sometimes much lower than trying to lead the grid to the location. Installing an energy street light is also quite easy, without using wires because it can basically generate its own electricity.

Secondly, you will not have to pay monthly lamp usage costs because it does not operate on the national grid. The upfront costs of solar lights can be a bit expensive, but their overall energy savings can far outweigh the initial investment.

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