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How many lumens is a led street light? Best Guide 2021
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How many lumens is a led street light? Best Guide 2021

How many lumens is a led street light
How many lumens is a led street light?
 Solar Street light is a modern technology product that helps to support lighting work and is the best companion product for everyone, every home. In addition to being a lighting product, this lamp contributes to saving energy and resources, helping to reduce the problem of environmental pollution, widely common and increasingly developed in Vietnam.

How are solar flood lights made?

It is a type of lamp that uses solar technology to illuminate with high light intensity. Lamps are common to illuminate outdoor spaces and in warehouses or balconies of houses…

How many lumens is a led street light? Cheap solar street lights provide safe and effective lighting solutions

The structure of the solar street light consists of the following four basic components:

Solar panels: Absorb sunlight and then convert energy into electricity. When installing, you should place it in a place that can absorb sunlight in the best way, avoid placing it in a place that is hidden from light.

Lighting: Common for lighting. Usually lamps are made of high-grade materials, have high durability, can illuminate continuously for a long time.

Solar charge controller: Keep the process of charging energy into rechargeable batteries from solar panels from explosion, overload.

Light sensor: how many lumens is a led street light? Built in the light, it can automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night

Why use led street light?

Has the highest durability and long life, no need to worry about repair and maintenance costs. It saves a lot of money.

Generally, using solar street lights ensures that your area will be provided with light 24/7, even in places where there is no grid or power outages.

Using green, clean and endless energy from the sun, this lamp does not affect the surrounding space, thereby protecting the environment well and saving monthly electricity costs.

Using LED bulb application should have high durability and save energy

How many lumens is a led street light? The advantage of solar flood lights is their high IP rating. This ensures outdoor installation without worrying about external influences such as rain, sun, and dust.

It is a simple system, easy to install, does not need the grid and works fully automatically around the clock.

Application of led street lights in life

Today, the application of solar flood lights is common for many different purposes, but the most popular are:

Residential area for security purposes

Solar flood lights can light up around your house at night at no cost to use. Lights have motion sensors. This feature brings great advantages when using lights for security purposes. When detecting any movement in the space, the light will automatically turn on. Bring light to people and objects moving on the road. At the same time avoid and minimize the risk of accidents.
How many lumens is a led street light 2021

Hospital area, residential area

With great advantages such as cost savings and ease of installation, solar flood lights are somewhat superior to conventional electric lighting systems. Therefore, nowadays people often install it to light residential areas and hospitals, parking lots, etc.

Parks or outdoor play areas

How many lumens is a led street light? Cheap solar street lights provide safe and effective lighting solutions

Headlights operate independently of the power grid system. So we can install it anywhere. The lights bring light at night to playgrounds, dead-end lighting, parking lots and signs, so they are now widely common.

Industrial area

Industrial zones and commercial activity zones have a large area. If you choose to install conventional lighting, it is very expensive for wiring and maintenance. Solar flood lights are a best alternative. Moreover, it brings light in a large area while saving a lot of money.

Area without led street light

how many lumens is a led street light ? This is a great choice for areas without a power grid. The light system only needs to absorb solar energy to illuminate.

Low-cost lamp products are developed based on the best core values ​​to bring the perfect response to everyone’s needs. With the technology of using solar energy to convert into lighting electricity with Material and design bring the most convenience.

Make it easy for people to use and bring many benefits to people. Through the above article, hopefully, it will help readers better understand about solar flood lights.

How many lumens is a led street light?

How many lumens is a led street light? Currently, solar lights are being common for lighting and decorative purposes, bringing aesthetics to indoor spaces, gardens or walkways… There are also some types of lights that are also common for other purposes.

Security purpose is a light with a motion sensor (Automatically turns on when someone approaches) to help ensure the safety of your home. The following article will introduce about indoor solar lights and the benefits it brings to human life.

Components and operating principles of indoor solar lights

Depending on different types of solar lights, there is also different parts, but basically will include the following main components:

Solar panels

How many lumens is a led street light? Solar led comes from crystalline silicon cells, a semiconductor material. When the stream of sunlight particles called photons enters, they give energy to the atoms in silicon, acting on the electrons to create an electric current.


More light shines through, more electrons move around thus creating more flow. This process is called the photoelectric effect. The photovoltaic system plays the role of collecting energy and producing electricity, which is directly converted into electricity.

Reserve battery led street light

This part of the lamp helps to store the energy obtained from the solar panel and provide power for the lights at night.

Led light

This is the light bulb of the lamp, led with light-emitting diodes with high luminous efficiency and long life. Under the control of the DC charge controller, the infrared sensor will automatically turn on the light when it is dark and off during the day.

Charge controller

How many lumens is a led street light? Led provides full control of the work light to protect the rechargeable battery. It ensures that under all circumstances including extreme weather conditions or large temperature differences, the battery does not overcharge or discharge to avoid damage to the battery.

The benefits that indoor solar lights bring to people’s lives

Cost savings

When using solar lights installed in your home, customers only need to pay a few costs for a light system to be able to use it forever without having to pay monthly electricity bills. The current solar light systems can be common continuously 24/24 even on days with little sunshine or rain.

Environmental Protection

This type of lamp uses energy from nature, so during use, it will not emit harmful substances that affect human health.

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