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How many lumens is a led street light?
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How many lumens is a led street light?

How many lumens is a led street light
How many lumens is a led street light?
Today we propose to talk about determining the power of an LED lamp. The value is measured in watts, denoting the work done in 1 second. It turns out that the power consumption of an LED lamp affects its brightness. However, not all is so simple.

Manufacturers of modern devices are trying to increase the luminous efficiency of each watt consumed, and successfully. For example, the light level of an 8 watt source released this year is identical to a 10 watt device made a year ago. The manufacturers are not going to stop there.

The development of energy efficiency of LED lamps, including high power devices, will continue.

How many lumens is a led street light?

When choosing a suitable product instead of a fluorescent device or incandescent lamp, take into account all the basic characteristics of the product. Indeed, two seemingly identical light sources may have different color rendering index, luminous flux, types and parameters of socles, color temperature.

Accordingly, the lighting level will be perceived differently. In addition, the scattering angle also differs. So, let’s figure out how to determine the power of the LED, and also try to choose the right product.

Calculation of lumens in a street light

How many lumens is a led street light? The devices are delivered for sale packed in boxes with the necessary information placed on it. You should look at the quantitative characteristics of the product, color rendering index, brightness index. Here, some consumers doubt how to find out the power of the LED, if they previously used only incandescent lamps.

LED lamps are undoubtedly very beneficial in decorating environments. In addition to being more economical, they do not emit Ultraviolet rays like fluorescent lights, for example, which is very harmful to human health.

Discover below seven benefits of using LED technology in an environment!


 1 – More economical

It is perhaps the most targeted benefit when we think of LED lamps. However, it is the purest truth! The energy consumption compared to other lamps is unparalleled. And if it’s one of Ozli’s products, then they can save up to 90% on electricity!

2 – Longer lifespan

In addition to being economical, it has a longer lifespan. That is, you won’t have to worry about changing them every six months, for example. Thanks to its technology, the LED lamp is more efficient and durable than incandescent and fluorescent.

3 – No Ultraviolet Rays

How many lumens is a led street light? That’s right! LED lamps do not emit UV rays that are not only harmful to the health of the skin, but also to the furniture in a house.

In art exhibitions, for example, it is extremely common to have LED lights pointed at the works for precisely this benefit. The other lamps usually fade and even burn the painting of objects.

4 – Generates less heat

LED technology does not emit infrared rays, that is, it does not generate heat on the illuminated surface. Therefore, the lamp remains at room temperature.

Due to its characteristic, it is ideal for spaces that are usually always cold, such as work offices.

5 – Brings warmth to the environment

Yellow LED light brings more warmth to the environment and decoration. The effect of this shade makes the environment more relaxing and creates the effect of visual comfort.

6 – It is possible to match the colors with the environment

How many lumens is a led street light? By having different shades of colors (white, yellow and RGB), it is possible to reinvent any environment with a lot of personality and creativity. The cool thing is to make a game of colors and mix the shades.

7 – Ecologically correct

Yes, in addition to all these benefits that we went through above, LED is still eco-friendly. It does not contain mercury, lead or other material aggressive to the environment. In fact, its disposal takes longer to happen — which in a way contributes to the sustainability of Planet Earth!

Want to know a way to protect our planet and dispose of fluorescent lamps correctly? Reciclus, created in 2014, is a non-profit organization that aims to “improve the practice of sustainable consumption habits and encourage increased recycling and reuse of materials in Brazil”.

How many lumens is a led street light 2022

 Why street lighting is important?

Through collection points located in stores and supermarkets that sell lamps throughout Europe, Reciclus disposes of fluorescent lamps correctly, sending them to recycling companies. Process called reverse logistics!

Lighting is extremely important in a decoration. That’s because she is able to add elegance, warmth and beauty. The new trend in interior design is the LED led. Have you ever heard of her?

How many lumens is a led street light? If not, you are missing out on a great way to decorate your home in a more modern and relaxed way. Check out the article on how to use it!

What is an LED led?

Before understanding how to use an LED led in your decoration, do you know what it actually is?

The LED led, as the name implies, is a flexible adhesive tape that has several interconnected points of light. It is formed by small lamps, also called chips, and is able to improve the visibility of spaces in a light and decorative way. In other words, in addition to lighting, it decorates!


Its main function in architectural projects is to highlight what is most beautiful in a space. For example, imagine a white wall with a picture hanging on it. Simple, right? Now think about putting an LED led behind this art.

In addition to bringing a highlight to the painting, it will illuminate in a cozy and very striking way.

The LED boards can be found in the colors:

  • White
  • Yellowish
  • Red
  • Green

Here are five ways to use it in your decor:

In rooms

Bedrooms are great alternatives to inserting LED leds. Try placing it behind paintings, shelves and decorative niches. It will be beautiful! Another idea is to go around furniture, such as dressers and desks.

What would normally be a simple dorm room will be quite interesting with these direct and modern points of lights!

In bathrooms

Small details do make all the difference. In environments such as bathrooms, for example, which are usually composed of neutral colors, the LED will look charming and very beautiful.


How many lumens is a led street light? Try placing it around the mirror or around the cabinet. For sure, light will be the protagonist of space!

In rooms

The combination of plaster and LED led is no mistake! If your living room ceiling is the one with low plaster and a gap between your finger and the material, a great idea is to put the LED there in the middle.

It is also worth applying it in details, such as TV panels, handrails and even stair treads.

In kitchens

The kitchen is the most frequented space in a home. How about bringing these points of light to the environment? It will look wonderful on shelves and around cabinets (top and bottom).

How many lumens is a led street light? You can choose to make a color contrast, blue with white, for example, and match the tone of your furniture.

In outdoor areas

As for outdoor areas, such as gardens and backyards, the LED highlight will look beautiful between flowers and plants or decks, for example. However, for gardens, it is most common to use LED luminaires for this purpose.

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