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What should be an ideal height for chicago led street lights pools?
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What should be an ideal height for chicago led street lights pools?

chicago led street lights
To carry out a chicago led street lights project, knowing the types of lighting and knowing concepts about the world of lighting is vital. It is necessary to think about how natural lighting and artificial lighting will integrate and harmonize with each environment. Moreover, it will be functional and will generate savings for the consumer.

An important tip is, if you are not a professional in the area, call professional chicago led street lights choose the lights and other electrical details. Another important tip is to remember to start the project during construction, as in addition to being able to work with the natural light of the environment, there is greater flexibility for changes.

How to use led street lights?

The best place to place pendants in the dining room is on the table. Thus, it is possible to create a soft and intimate atmosphere for meals.

If you’re a fan of colorful decorations, it’s a good place to bet. Certainly, the piece will be one of the focuses of attention, giving more life to the environment.

For living rooms, the most common placement of pendants is on coffee tables or coffee tables (sides). Each of them has different functions, so the recommended heights also vary.

In this environment, the concern is similar to that of the dining room: the slopes cannot get in the way of the view of residents and visitors, so as not to disturb conversations and receptions.


However, in this room, people also tend to stand up and move around the area a lot, so the height should be higher.

Ideal Height to place led light

Regarding the corner table, the function of the chicago led street lights is to highlight decorative objects and affective items, such as picture frames and small sculptures. Therefore, the height above it should be between 30 cm and 50 cm above the top.

On the coffee table top, the installation of the pendant must respect a distance of 150 cm to 170 cm.

What are efficient chicago led street lights?

The efficient lighting is lighting that harmonizes with the decor and at the same time, does not fail to meet basic needs. This chicago led street lights is easy to sue to create sets, highlight certain elements, divide the environment, define circulation areas and highlight certain details such as wall coverings or paintings.

With that in mind, we created this article with the aim of explaining the types of existing lighting, to help you, the reader, when carrying out your lighting project or changing the current lighting in your environments. Follow it below.

Types of Led Street Lights

Before understanding the types of lighting, the ideal is to understand the main purpose of the environment. Although the traditional method is to install the lights in the center of the ceiling, there are other ways to position them, as each proposal and environment requires a specific type of lighting. Are they:

  1. Direct lighting
  2. Indirect lighting
  3. Diffuse Lighting
  4. Linear Lighting
  5. Guidance Lighting
  6. Accent Lighting
  7. Task Lighting
  8. Outdoor Lighting

Use of direct lighting in street

As the name implies, in the direct chicago led street lights model, the light is directed directly to a specific point. It’s ideal for people who need to project a spotlight onto objects in a study, office, or doctor’s office. You can also find direct lighting in the library with reading lights, for example, in a bathroom or room where makeup is done.


This type of lighting brings safety to circulation in a specific environment and prevents possible accidents. It is ideal for locations such as hallways, stairs, pool areas, gardens and residential entrances. It is recommended that the lamp be fully recessed into the floor or wall.
chicago led street lights 2021


This type of lighting helps to highlight specific points of the environment or decoration. It is a more concentrated light. This helps to illuminate the façade, an image or picture in your room, for example.


This type of lighting is ideal for reading or some kind of manual work. Lampshades, table lamps or floor lamps are generally used for this specific lighting.

Outdoor led street lights

Outdoor lighting enhances the design of the home as a whole, and outdoor wall lighting provides residents with a sense of security. There are many lighting options, which can not only produce strong effects, but also bring beauty and charm to the space. For example, the use of reflectors, spots, sconces, among other products.


Another very important detail in lighting is the lamp temperature, which is nothing more than the color it provides to the environment.

The representation of this temperature is obtained in degrees Celsius, transformed into Kelvin. To better understand chicago led street lights classification, we need to understand that the whiter the light, the higher the color temperature in Kelvin. The lower the color temperature is, the more yellow this light will be.

With that in mind, you must surely be thinking about how to choose the right color temperature and how to apply it in each environment, right? Calm down, we will explain!

What is an ideal warm white led street light?

Warm white (up to 3,500K) : Comfortable, ideal for relaxing activities. They provide a more social, intimate and comfortable environment. Therefore, this is the ideal choice for bedrooms, living rooms, relaxation areas, receptions and lounges.

Neutral White (from 3,500K to 5,000K) : Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and other mid-care activities.

Cool white (above 5,000K): It is recommended for places where you perform tasks that require more attention and vigilance. For example: industries, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, corporate environments and gyms.

Difference between cool and warm led light

If you want to get into the chicago led street lights, we suggest reading our article. It is about the difference between cool white, neutral white and warm white.

We know there are many types of lighting and color temperatures that exist. But now it’s easier for you to apply all of these concepts to your project.

Good lighting is an important detail for any environment and, knowing how to use it in strategic places, it is possible to make your home more pleasant and elegant.

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