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2300pcs 100w MIC Saudi Arabia Led garden light Post top installation type in Dammam corniche

This project was installed in a corniche of Dammam, totally 2300pcs with Meanwell driver Philips lumileds 3030 led chip, finished lamp with 130lm/w. This is one of the biggest led garden light project of municipality Saudi Arabia in Dammam.


Video of this projec

Here attached some installed photos.

Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light03 Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light08
Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light06 Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light04
Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light02 Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light01
Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light07 Saudi-Arabia-Led-garden-light05

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No need to worry about complicated installations. MIC Saudi Arabia LED garden lights are designed for hassle-free setup, allowing you to effortlessly transform your garden into a captivating paradise. With their versatile design, you can choose from various installation options to suit your specific needs, whether it’s pathway lighting, uplighting, or highlighting specific garden features.


Environmentally Friendly:

By choosing MIC Saudi Arabia LED garden lights, you’re making an eco-conscious decision. LED technology is known for its low environmental impact, as it produces less carbon emissions and contains no harmful substances like mercury. Embrace sustainable lighting and contribute to a greener future while enjoying the enchanting glow of your garden.


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MIC Saudi Arabia LED garden lights offer endless possibilities for creative lighting design. With adjustable brightness levels and a variety of colors available, you can create custom lighting displays to suit any occasion. From tranquil and relaxing atmospheres to vibrant and festive settings, let your imagination run wild and curate the perfect ambiance for every moment.

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Investing in MIC Saudi Arabia LED garden lights means investing in the long-term beauty and value of your outdoor space. With their exceptional longevity and energy efficiency, our lights provide a cost-effective solution that will enhance your garden’s aesthetics while reducing your carbon footprint.


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This post top installation MIC Saudi Arabia led garden light is our patent mode, power wattages covered 30w 50w 75w 100w 120w and 150w, till now we had installed so many in Europe countries, Following are some typical project finished in different countries for your viewing

Europa park garden light Green areas turin smart city garden light Cesano-Boscone-Garden-Light
The Result
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