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MIC LoRa led flood light for Vietnam National Stadium (National Badminton Hall)

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam.

Product item: MFL-G480


In May 2022 MIC lighting just finished installation for  National Badminton Hall’s 480w LoRa led flood light’s installation. First hall is with 48pcs totally have 10 halls were under installation.

The  bright spots  or this project is that all lights were intelligent controlled by Lora system, with this Lora intelligent control system, user can get the following functions.

  1. Wireless control
  2. Dimming to set up the luminous
  3. Time phase function
  4. Mistake feedback and report
  5. Group control & single control
  6. power consumpation calculation.

If needed with customize function, it can make too.

Following is video is the Vietnam National television station make interview and report our  new 480w Lora flood light.

From the tender till project finished, we MIC will provide the professional Dialux sitmulation design, installation guide etc. For sitmulation you can find our 480w led stadium light with super high lumen 160lm/w,and its module angle is adjustable which can very good uniform.

Here you can down load the PDF DIALUX report for your reference

0621 MB SCL PAchuan V2 (MIC)

Welcome to enquire our this LoRa intelligent control flood light, high mast light Power wattage available: 100w/120w/200w/240w/400w/480w/500w/600w/720w/800w/960w/1000w/1200w/1440w/1500w/2000w


The Result
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