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MIC LED 200W Linear highbay light project case in Slovakia

Construction of the industrial this big warehouse  started at the beginning of July 2021 and completed at the end of September, located in Lipany, SR, Slovakia.

The lighting fixtures used are 145pcs 200W LED linear highbay with 0-10V dimming ,90° beam angle , 5000K ,132pcs 200W LED linear highbay light with 0-10V dimming ,60° beam angle ,5000K and 86pcs 200W LED linear highbay light with 0-10V dimming ,80*155° beam angle ,5000K .

There are two installation methods: hanging rope installation and bracket installation. See following some installed effect pictures from client.  LED 200W Linear highbay light 

MIC LED 200W Linear highbay light

For our linear light we also can make it DALI Dimme, and use 5pin Wago connecter, for driver we used Inventronics EUM dali 2.0 model, Here attached some producing photos of this kind of led linear high bay.

For our this linear high wattage cover with 50w, 100w, 150w and 200w and it can combine with 300w, 400w, it was widely used in Tennis court, warehouse, workshop, factory, super market etc.

Suspending type & Hanging type:


Bracket type:

The Result
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