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LoRaWan Wireless Remote Street lamp Intelligent Control Project in Colombo Sri Lanka

LoRaWan Wireless Remote Street lamp Intelligent Control Project in Colombo Sri Lanka

Project location : Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Item: MSL-F25-2,MSL-F60-2, MSL-F80-2, MSL-F120-2, MSL-F150-2, MSL-F200-2

Quantity: 1201 PCS with Lorawan intelligent control

Product name: MIC smart control Lora Led street light

Introduction of Project

In order to create a state-of-the-art urban smart street light control solution for the brand new Colombo Port, LoRaWAN wireless control was proposed as the carrier to achieve centralised, energy-efficient and intelligent control on the 4KM^2 port after many studies. Compared with the traditional street light, this intelligent street light system can save 35% of energy consumption every year. The intelligent control can be set as a group by street or road section, which can realise the control of light brightness for different road sections; it can also be set as a group by power, which can control street lights of different power separately. It is important to note that each light can only set a group. It can also display the current city’s PM2.5/brightness/temperature/humidity for monitoring.


Among them, the intelligent control system lamps and lanterns part includes the following functions

    1. Google map to view luminaire details;
    2. Luminaire operation status report, and energy consumption statistics;
    3. Latitude and longitude control, calculate sunrise and sunset time according to local latitude and longitude, and automatically control the brightness;
    4. Time period control, set the time period in the calendar to automatically control the brightness;
    5. Fault location, automatic display of faulty street lights on the map;
    6. Data statistics, equipment, events, energy consumption and so on;
    7. APP control software can be installed on mobile phones, computers, Pad different devices.

Scope of project

This project targets the Colombo Port Phase 1 project, with 15 different specifications of light poles and 6 power street lights totaling 1,201 lights distributed within an area of 4 square kilometers (Phase 1 project).

System architecture Drawing

As the information converter of the LoRaWAN communication system, it is responsible for connecting the communication between the network server and the terminal node, and realizing the conversion and forwarding of the message communication protocol between the terminal device and the server. Support LoRaWAN communication specifications, realize LoRa physical layer functions, support uplink multi-channel concurrency, use 862-870MHz frequency band, use frequency hopping anti-interference technology in the frequency range, can access a large number of various LoRa nodes, support 4G communication, support Bluetooth nearby wireless Configuration management, support for high-precision clock synchronization, support for GPS positioning (optional), low power consumption, support multiple deployment modes such as mains power supply, pole-mounted, wall-mounted, etc., IP65 protection level, meet -40 to 70 ℃ wide temperature, Outdoor industrial-grade equipment resistant to harsh environments.

A LoRaWAN network architecture consists of four components: endpoints, gateway base stations, NS (network servers), and application servers. A star network topology is used between the gateway base station and the endpoints, and due to the long range nature of LoRa, a single hop is used between them. In the endpoints section, several typical applications are listed (water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, smoke sensors, street lights), and the endpoint nodes can be sent to several gateway base stations at the same time. The gateway base station forwards the LoRaWAN protocol data between the NS and the endpoints.


System component and details

Equipment name



Cloud server or local server

It is used to build a system network, which can be based on third-party cloud platforms such as Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud. If a local server is used, it requires fixed public IP support and cannot be powered off. 1

LoRaWAN gateway

1. MAX Single gateway can carry up to 1000 street lights.

2. Communication radius up to 2~5km

3. LoRaWAN protocol is fully compatible

4. Maximum wireless transmission power: MAX 27dBm.

5. Multiple backhaul channel options – 4G/LTE, network port, Bluetooth communication module for parameterisation, GPS antenna available. Efficient frequency utilisation – up to 8/16 upload channels (optional)

6. Glass steel antenna, N-female connector Individual control, multicast mode

7. AC or POE power supply, ripple ≤ 100mV, 6KVA Lightning protection design, circuit short circuit, over current, over voltage protection, MAX 12W Time Synchronisation

8. Durable outdoor design – IP67

9. Lightweight and flexible deployment


LoRaWAN controllers

1. Remote switch with built-in relay

2. NEMA standard interface

3. Intelligent Dimming, 0-10V / DALI / PWM

4. Revenue-grade precision metering, ±1%

5. Multiple electrical parameter monitoring V, A, PF, kW, kWh

6. Lightning surge protection, ±6kV

7. Outdoor rugged design – IP66

Each light requires the installation of 1

Environmental Data


1. Working power supply: 230V±20%, working temperature: -25℃~70℃;

2. Static power consumption: ≤ 1W, dynamic power consumption: ≤ 2W;

3. The number of micropower wireless channels upstream up to 48, downstream channel 30, the channel can be configured;

4. Follow the standard LoRaWAN communication protocol (class C node)

PM2.5 Sensor

1. Working power supply: AC220V±20%, working temperature: -10℃~60℃;

2. Static power consumption: ≤1W, dynamic power consumption: ≤2.5W;

3. Particle measurement range: 0.3~1.0, 1.0~2.5, 2.5~10 microns (μm);

4. Effective range of particulate matter mass concentration (PM2.5 standard value): 0~500 micrograms/cubic meter;

5. Follow the standard LoRaWAN communication protocol (Class C node);

6. With PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 and other data collection functions

GPRS traffic card

Use of communication cards from local communication service providers


Actual installation effect

Here attached some producing photos

All MIC’s LED Street light will have 48hours aging and testing before shipping

The Result
MIC is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of LED lighting and solar lights in China, as well as the leading provider in energy-saving solutions.
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