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Which is the best nyc led street lights? Pros & cons of warm/soft lights
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Which is the best nyc led street lights? Pros & cons of warm/soft lights

nyc led street lights
The right choice of nyc led street lights and their light color is of fundamental importance. And it can transform environments and furnishings, but how to choose the right light color?

To answer this question, it is necessary to evaluate numerous elements. You need to divide the types of environments and what they will be good to use?

Here is a small guide that will help you in choosing the right light color. The main factor to consider is the environment for decoration.

How to choose the color of led street lights in comfort environments?

Bedroom, what is the right color of light?

The street is an environment of absolute comfort and relaxation, it is the place where we rest and relax our tensions. The most comfortable and intimate color is undoubtedly the warm light which can be both 3000K (warm – white) and 2700K (more yellowish).

The power of nyc led street lights should be our priority. Similarly, it is good to have a central chandelier with warm and powerful lights. Moreover, it can be perimeter lights (spotlights, or LED strips on plasterboard veils) with a medium or low power light.

And it is better if it comes on the ceiling in order to have an indirect and non-dazzling light. This is ideal for relaxing and watching TV.

It is advisable to prepare separate controls in order to have various choices and lighting modes.

Warm or soft led street light?


The reception room is the place where we receive guests or relax on the sofa watching TV or reading a book.

The most suitable color is warm light. This can be either 3000K (warm – white) or  2700K (more yellowish).

For this reason, it is appropriate to have at least two main controls with direct light through ceiling spotlights. And it should have secondary light reflected with hidden LED strips on plasterboard veils.

Why do you need high power nyc led street lights?

For the main light it is better to have high power nyc led street lights in order to guarantee an excellent strong and intense lighting, while for the secondary light medium power led strips (about 10Watt per meter) are fine with the addition of a dimmer will also It is possible to dim and then adjust the light intensity and dose it as needed.

To watch TV it will be possible to switch on a comfortable light and adjust it as desired without disturbing the view.

Difference between Led Backlit and Led Edgelit

The substantial difference between the two different technologies is the positioning of the LEDs inside the panel, but there are PROS and CONS, let’s analyze them together.

How to choose the light for street?

The street is the place where we usually spend the most time, where the family gathers and therefore must be illuminated with a comfortable nyc led street lights.

We always recommend installing lights under the kitchen cabinets in order to perfectly illuminate the worktops without having a shadow area.

The light color of the under- cabinet led bar must be the same as the main lights.

What kind of nyc led street lights you should install?


The advice is to install 3000K warm light lamps if you want to obtain a comfortable and relaxing environment or a 4000K natural white color if you want an environment where you can concentrate on food preparation.

Avoid the very white light 6000 / 6500K because it is too cold and it risks diminishing our sense of appetite.

How to light up the bathroom?

In the bathroom it is possible to illuminate in different ways to adapt to different types and destinations of use. In the master or main bathroom I recommend the use of 3000K warm light to give maximum comfort and to feel at ease as if we were a wellness center.

A bathtub can be illuminated with spotlights aimed at the walls and corners to avoid direct and dazzling light.

Usually I also always recommend the combination of nyc led street lights for bathroom lighting. If there is a shower box, it is possible to install a kit with waterproof Led spotlight with RGB lamp. Chromotherapy during a shower or bath gives well-being to the mind and body.

Warm nyc led street lights

For the service bathroom for guests, you can opt for natural or cold white light because it conveys a feeling of great hygiene and because it favors rapid use.

How to illuminate the garage or storage room?

The garage or storage room can be a place to set up a work area for do-it-yourself and here it is recommended to use a white, neutral 4000K or very white 6500K light of strong intensity to increase attention and keep the attention.

It is good to illuminate the entire work area with diffused and intense light.

Final remarks

The nyc led street lights are versatile, consume little, are in various shades of light and power, now LED technology has emerged as a new standard for modern lighting in both residential and commercial.
nyc led street lights 2021

Edgelit Led Panels 

The first LED panels on the market were all in nyc led street lights technology ,  in this type of panels the LEDs are arranged on the sides and the light passes through a white or opal acrylic screen specially designed to homogeneously diffuse the light that in these panels is REFLECTED downward across the screen.


  1. The panels are extremely thin and sturdy
  2. Simplified construction at low production costs
  3. The extreme thinness allows them to be mounted on a large variety of surfaces


  1. The reflected light is less efficient and a part of the light is dispersed so the Lumen / Watt ratio is lower.
  2. Distribution of the amount of light not exactly optimal the edges are slightly more illuminated than the center)

Final considerations:

It is advisable to choose the type of nyc led street lights according to the environment and the use for which it is intended.

Some offices may need more power or better energy efficiency and therefore panels with backlit technology are more suitable.

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