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How to get maximum benefit from led street lights for sale?
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How to get maximum benefit from led street lights for sale?

led street lights for sale
When it comes to designing led street lights for sale project with LED Street Lighting, most people don’t know where to start.

It is too much information!

Luckily, you have found the right article that will guide you step by step and provide you with all the right tools to make your project successful.

In this guide you will learn:

Why use LED technology in led street light?

  • The basics for designing an LED street lighting lighting system
  • The elements of an LED street lighting luminaire
  • How do I know if I should use LED street lighting fixtures in my project?
  • How to design a street lighting system with LED luminaires

This is a practical guide so that anyone, whether or not they have worked with lighting, know or do not know about public lighting, know or not LED technology, can get an idea of ​​the key concepts when approaching a public led street lights for sale project using LED technology.

Let’s get started right now:


Electric power is the engine of modern civilization. However, it is a natural resource that is not infinite. For years, solutions we peopose to mitigate the environmental impact common by the production of this resource or its excessive consumption.

One thing is clear: although we must ensure the use of clean energy, it is mandatory to reduce consumption.

One of the items in our world that consumes the most electrical energy is lighting. From the light bulb in my room, to the lamps in the papal hall.

Why use led street lights for sale?


And it is a necessity for the human species, to be able to distinguish with its sight all its surroundings, with details, to be able to interact with everything that surrounds it.

For this reason, for a long time, lighting technologies is quite perfect, since this need will always be present. But, if it is mandatory, reduce consumption.

An alternative that has gained strength in recent years is the use of light emitting diodes to build light sources, both for exteriors and interiors. For this you can contact led street lights for sale online. 

The results have been surprising and that is why this technology is increasingly being perfected, especially in high-power applications, such as public and outdoor lighting.

Why use led street lights for sale in public lighting?

Public lighting is one of the items that has the most consumption due to the need to use very high powers to light outdoors and at heights.

In addition, for roads and exteriors, there are international standard regulations for safety and health that must be fully complied with. Moreover, in this way, it is necessary to strategically design or modify public lighting, to comply with all current regulations.

In this article I will try to address all the necessary topics to understand everything necessary regarding LED lighting and LED street lighting.

What are technical parameters for led street lights?

It is clear that there are technical parameters that must be taken into account when designing lighting designs, especially outdoors and at heights.

For this reason we are going to review some key concepts necessary for the led street lights for sale. My idea is not to fall into technicalities, if not to approach the subject in a simple and practical way, so that it is valuable information for all types of readers.


  1. Electric Power

Utility bills measure the consumption of any appliance that is connected to the electrical grid. This based on the unit of measurement of the electrical power Watts (Watts or simply “W”) consumed.

We call “wattage” the nominal operating power of a device.

  1. What is LED?

It is an electronic component that converts electrical energy into light. They are mounted on electronic boards so that their light shines in a specific direction and for this reason they are more efficient than other technologies.

  1. Types of LED chips

COB (Chip on Board): It is a technology that mounts several LED chips on a small card. A lot of power but requires diffusers and refractors to focus the light. They are little common today in high-efficiency devices.

SMD (Surface Mount Device): It is a technology that uses more robust LEDs individually mount on an electronic card. Several are easy to mount and thus better dissipate heat to extend the life of the circuit.

4. Light power-Absolute illuminance

It comes in led street lights for sale. Moreover, it is an absolute measure that determines the total amount of light comesby a light source.

  1. Relative illuminance

It is easy to measure in LUX (lumen per m2). It indicates a measure of perceived luminosity in a specific area, subject to certain luminosity from one or more light sources. Moreover, it is easy to measure with a lux meter.
led street lights for sale 2021

  1. Color rendering index

CRI, defines the fidelity with which a light source reproduces the colors of the environment compared to the natural light of the sun. 100 would be the value for a light that reproduces color exactly like the sun.

7. Power factor for led street lights for sale

FP , describes the amount of energy consumed how much is converted into light in a luminaire.

Active Power: Amount of energy consumed that is directly convert into light.

Reactive Power: amount of energy that is important to keep the luminaire circuit on and operating.

Explanation of power factor led lighting

The luminaires of other technologies that require ballasts and starters have an additional consumption to the nominal in reactive power. Since these elements consume power but this is not converting into light, they only serve to keep the bulb in operation, so it is 100% reactive power and this comes in the utility bill apart from normal consumption.

  1. Color temperature

We define led street lights for sale as the color of the emitted light and comes in degrees Kelvin (K), comparing that temperature with the color that a steel rod would emit at that temperature.

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