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3 Advantages of 60 watt led street light Philips
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3 Advantages of 60 watt led street light Philips

Street lighting: How not to get lost near your own home?

60 watt led street light Philips

60 watt led street light Philips is just as important as indoor lighting: correctly installed lamps will help you navigate in the dark and create coziness on the site. In combination with motion sensors, they are used as an element of the security system, and decorative lighting devices complement the landscape design. How to properly and beautifully organize the lighting of the yard – we understand this article.

What should be the 60 watt led street light Philips?

Outdoor luminaires must be durable enough to withstand all weather conditions. The IP indicator indicates how protected the device is from dust and moisture:

  • IP44 – used in rooms where moisture collects: in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Devices with such protection are installed at a low height.
  • IP65 – housing with reliable protection against moisture, often made shockproof. The 60 watt led street light Philipsis not waterproof, but it will not deteriorate from a small amount of moisture.
  • IP67 \ 68 – lamps work under water for up to 12 hours in a row. They are chosen for lighting pools, fountains and ornamental ponds.

Why you need to install 60 watt led street light?

To make it light and safe in the yard in the dark, it is important to choose powerful light sources.

Focus on the size of your territory: to illuminate the site, a 2-3 W LED lamp with a luminous flux of 250 lumens is enough. On the driveway or parking lot, spotlights of 25-30 watts with a luminous flux of 2,500 lumens are installed. If you want it to be brighter, choose more powerful lamps:

LED lamp power, W Luminous flux, Lm
2-3 250
4-5 400
8-10 700
10-12 900
12-15 1200
18-20 1800
25-30 2500


For uniform illumination of the yard, 1-2 powerful lamps are used. Use additional fixtures to illuminate paths, gazebos, porches, and other objects. They can also be used as decorations, creating a beautiful play of light.

How to organize automatic courtyard lighting?

Twilight and motion sensors are often installed along with 60 watt led street light Philips in the yard. Automatic lighting of the personal plot performs three functions at once:

Makes movement around the yard safe and comfortable

No need to run around and turn on the lamps yourself in the dark. The devices will work as soon as you enter the territory.

Helps to save money

If there is no one in the yard, the light will go out and will not waste extra electricity.

Increases safety

The light will transmit a signal if an outsider enters the yard. Motion detectors will complement the security system.

60 watt led street light Philips at home should be well thought out so that the light does not interfere with you and your neighbors. Do not install overly powerful lamps: their light will dazzle and irritate the eyes. Make sure that no lights are shining through the window.

Backyard lights: function and design

Landscape designers use street lights when they need to create a dramatic exterior. Proper lighting enhances the beauty of the garden, creates coziness in the gazebo and on the terrace.

Decorative lighting on the site performs 4 functions:

Gives flood light

Uniform and not too bright, suitable for building illumination and general lighting. Street lights are often installed on the facade of the house.

Sets accents

Colored lamps are used for these purposes. They brightly highlight decorative elements on the facade, house columns, garden statues, flower beds.

Emphasizes the outline

LED strips are used when you need to highlight the contours of the house, decorate the front door, and emphasize the beauty of the gazebo. Such 60 watt led street light Philips create a festive atmosphere.

Creates a background

Soft diffused light combines bright accents into one light composition. The lamp is placed behind the object to be illuminated – or directed downward to illuminate its base.

The lighting design of a country house and a plot is created using a combination of diffused and directional light. Large appliances are used as decorative elements. Smaller lamps can be easily hidden for a mysterious glow.

LED street lights: varieties and applications


LED street lights are used to illuminate the surrounding area, including highways, private yards and adjacent areas. Street lights are an important safety tool against accidents and injuries.

LED street lights improve the safety of people on the street and reduce the number of accidents at night.

In this article, we will consider what street LED lamps are, the types and applications of LEDs. We will also tell you how to choose a lighting fixture for your street.

What should be 60 watt led street light?

60 watt led street light Philips should not only be bright and energy efficient, but also safe. Ideally, the street will be lit by the so-called daylight at midnight or other dark hours of the day.

Experts recommend using cold spectrum LED lamps for street lighting. Daylight is comfortable for human vision, reduces the number of accidents on roads and streets.

Why Choose LED Street Lights?

5 advantages of LED street lamps:

  1. Low power consumption. LEDs consume 2-3 times less energy than fluorescent lamps. They are also 10-12 times more profitable than devices with incandescent lamps.
  2. Long service life. LED street lights work on average up to 25,000 hours. Over time, the light output decreases by only 30%.
  3. More accurate color reproduction. The 60 watt led street light Philips correctly reproduces the colors of objects without distortion. Improved color rendering makes it easier to recognize objects in the dark.
  4. Fast on and off. Fluorescent and gas discharge lamps need to warm up after being switched on, so the luminaires give brightness gradually. The LED indicators do not need a warm-up time: the lamp gives full brightness immediately after switching on.
  5. Environmental friendliness and safety for health. The LED does not contain mercury and lead, does not emit poisonous gases when damaged.
    60 watt led street light Philips 2021


In the production of high-quality LEDs, high-quality and durable, expensive materials are used. Therefore, the cost of LED street lighting is not the lowest; it takes several years to recoup. The benefits of LED lighting are in the quality of the glow and long service life.

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