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8 Tips 50 watts led flood light Helps you In outdoor Decoration
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8 Tips 50 watts led flood light Helps you In outdoor Decoration

50 watts led flood light
Do you know the 50 watts led flood light? Also known as LED spotlight, this type of reflector offers efficient lighting, energy saving and a lot of beauty for the environment.

Therefore, in this post we are going to present this wonderful technology to you, revealing its characteristics and the five main advantages of purchasing this product. Follow up!

1. Save Electricity with 50 watts led flood light

Because you don’t need to wait to warm up like some common light bulbs, the LED on and off process is much faster. This in itself is an indication that the LED consumes much less energy. But the electrical energy savings achieved with LED reflectors is mainly due to the fact that 6 to 8W of power from these reflectors. It is equivalent to the light produced by 100W common light bulbs.

Therefore, replacing your common reflectors with 50 watts led flood light can represent up to 90% savings on your electricity bill.


As it does not use mercury in its construction and is almost 100% recyclable. The 50 watts led flood light is the best option for those who care about the environment.

Another ecological advantage of LED reflectors is that their disposal is uncomplicated. It is not harming nature, as the material is biodegradable.

3. MORE DURABILITY AND BEAUTY WITH 50 watts led flood light

Another way of saving for those who purchase LED reflectors is the lamp life. Its lifespan can be up to 6 times longer than common lamps.

With the operation based on light emitting diodes, which is an evolutionary leap in relation to incandescent lamps, the LED works for up to 35 thousand hours.

This means that the useful life of a device that uses this technology can be up to eight years of night use.

In addition to durability, there are advantages related to decoration, as LED colors are more vivid and saturated — as they do not use filters.

The 50 watts led flood light, which is multicolor, offers more versatility for garden lighting. Moreover, it features various color transition effects and a dimmer function.  It serves to set the light intensity. All of which can be adjusted by remote control!


Due to their long service life, LED lamps work for much longer and without interruptions. It ends up freeing the user from the losses with maintenance and routine replacements that should occur with the use of common lamps.

For this reason, the 50 watts led flood light is the ideal solution for applications that are more difficult to maintain.


The LED spotlight is super impact resistant. It also resists weather issues such as high temperatures and strong winds well. Furthermore, vibrations produced by winds or bad weather will not affect its proper functioning.

Also the radius covered by the light from the LED spotlight is larger, with an opening of up to 120 degrees. In this way, it provides a wider and more efficient lighting, reaching more indirect points of your terrain.

How does lighting impact surrounding?

Lighting plays a very important role in bars, especially to create an atmosphere that stirs the emotions and behavior of customers. After all, people are looking for new things to have fun. And they can get tired quickly when they feel they “have more of the same”.

It’s no use having an amazing decoration if the 50 watts led flood light is not there to accompany it to create sensations. Therefore, it is essential to plan this aspect well. So, want to know how to do this? Read on to check out our bar lighting tips!

6- MATCH DECORATION WITH LIGHTING: 50 watts led flood light

Most of the success of a bar is related to its ambiance, that is, the ability to create a different place to beat the competition.  It is usually very big.

To stand out in this sense, one idea is to choose a theme for your bar, such as Latin, 60s, contemporary, 20s etc. But you need to make sure the entire decor fits the theme, from the furniture to the lighting.

Yes, this last one is very important, as it makes the client really feel as if they were experiencing that theme, as if they were a person from that time or place.

Imagine, for example, a 1960s-themed bar:

No one expects it to be very well lit, but to keep the light low, characteristic of what we see in films about the period. In addition, colored LEDs, red and yellow, can contribute to give a vintage feel to the place.

50 watts led flood light 2021

So, in addition to the equipment already mentioned, you may also need LED st50 watts led flood light rips, reflectors, lamps, ceiling lights,   etc.

Another very important aspect regarding the network is the risk of overloading. It can generate several problems, such as:

In addition to taking care of this quality of bulbs, you will also need to make sure you have good electrical products. To do this, search for the most trusted brands and choose a quality 50 watts led flood light supplier.

7. BET ON LIGHTING EFFECTS WITH 50 watts led flood light

Another interesting option among the lighting tips for bars is the use of layered light. Basically, you will not light all the places with the same intensity. And will try to adapt it according to the sensations you want to create in the client in each microenvironment.

In a commercial lighting project, we can think of 4 layers:

The general lighting of the environment is used in the main living spaces of the customers. It should be the highlight of your project, overlapping those of microenvironments;

Work— this level should provide employees with comfortable work so they can perform their duties without error. They need to be better lit, especially at counters, at the bartender’s table, at the cashier and on some shelves;

Focus — the specific microenvironment lighting you want to create inside a bar. You want to create a space aimed at jinxing. The ideal is to leave a lower and more colorful light. On the other hand, in a game room everything should be very bright, with themed lamps.

Here we start talking about decoration, as it is necessary to adapt the light to the theme of the environment;

50 watts led flood light Provides Decoration

Decoration — finally, those lights that have no function other than decorating the room. They can form signs, fit with decorative pieces, etc.

In general, a good 50 watts led flood light contains all these layers well defined and used precisely according to your business plan.

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