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Which is the best 500w led flood light for outdoor sports events?
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Which is the best 500w led flood light for outdoor sports events?

500w led flood light
Do you want to reform that block of the condominium where you are a superintendent. You are looking to give a different face to the garden of your house, or still want to guarantee more security for your business, but you don’t know which is the best 500w led flood light for the outdoor area than the market has to offer. Do you go through, or have you ever gone through a situation like this?

The technology in lighting is always in a continuous and rapid development, which in the midst of the running routine we face, can be difficult to keep up with. It was with this in mind that we separated an updated guide on the 5 best LED spotlights that currently exist on the market. Follow us!

Which 500w led flood light should you buy?

The main thing is to understand your need so that it is possible to hit the spotlight brightly in the environment that will be installed. For this, pay attention to 500w led flood light variables such as:

  • Light color (since the LED allows for many more colors than the white of conventional reflectors);
  • Distance that the LED spotlight will need to illuminate ;
  • Define if there is a need to be a reflector with presence sensor;

In this way, the risk of making mistakes is drastically reduced, enabling greater savings and certainty of a safe place. Having identified your needs well, it’s time to find out which are the best LED spotlights:

500w led flood light

The MicroLED 50W Reflector is the best option for those looking for strong and direct lighting, where it is possible to play with light and shade with the security of great performance and low energy consumption.

This 50W LED spotlight model is made with SMD LED technology, the most advanced on the market today. It proposes a great performance for its category and is easily found them easily.

As it is a 500w led flood light, it allows, in addition to the Cool White and Warm White light color models, the Green and RGB Color options (which comes with a control). They are generally used as lighting for gardens, swimming pools, garages and places that need light at medium range.


With stainless screws and robust housing, the 500w led flood light Reflector represents one of the main models of LED spotlights today. Its material is made of aluminum and takes a meticulously careful finish. Its fame for being a durable product is sustained by composing in its curriculum a high level of protection – IP66 , thus making it a waterproof product and free from any weather.

Which is the best 500w led flood light for spotlight?

The best 200W LED spotlight on the market is found with values ​​in the range of R $ 120.00. This model is highly suitable for installation in sports courts, parking lots , garages, extensive gardens, storefronts, billboards and other environments that require a wide field of view, since it has a wide range of brightness.


One of the most sought after reflector technologies today, Ultra-Thin, is the sequel to the MicroLED SMD Reflector family. The 500w led flood light spotlight is the darling of the Internet’s biggest spotlight consumers. Its bold and modern design combined with a compact housing; make this product the ideal option for those looking for minimalism and power.

Waterproof, the MicroLED 100W Reflector is an example of efficiency and high performance. They usually have an average of 1 to 2 years of warranty, in some cases up to 3 years.

This MicroLED Ultra-Thin 100W Reflector model is highly suitable for commercial and residential environments such as: garage, garden, sports gyms, ballrooms, gates, swimming pools, etc..


Although the 500w led flood light Spotlight is compact, the model that is in fact a reference in the subject is the Mini LED Spotlight. This option may even lose some illuminance for the other MicroLED Reflectors of the same power, but its size proposes an easier allocation of the product in different places, not drawing much attention when turned off.

Another positive point that surpasses its competitors is its IP67 protection index, reaching two levels above the other MicroLEDs. Like this 200W Mini LED Spotlight is another one of the waterproof family. It is also ideal for any outdoor environment such as gardens, garages, entrance hall, commercial façades and much more.



Having the responsibility of being the most powerful LED Spotlight on the list, the MicroLED SMD 300W Spotlight is the ideal option for those who want certainty of prolonged high performance and a wide territorial dimension.

Being able to illuminate approximately 20 meters, this LED Spotlight 300W is made with super resistant and stainless material, it is waterproof and is a reference in economy.


With a uniform beam of light, the opening angle of this product reaches 180 °. This 500w led flood light option is the most sought after to illuminate large places such as soccer fields, parking lots, airports, bus stations and public lighting in general.

You can find this product with more than 1 year warranty in some stores; it is also not difficult to find it with reduced price.

500w led flood light 2021


It is not enough just to know the ideal LED Spotlight model for you, it is necessary to do a research and choose the best brand so that your project looks professional, avoiding mistakes that can cost a lot of money to your pocket. So, if you are aware of the LED lighting market, you have probably heard of good online store.

The largest online range of 500w led flood light has several powers in its catalog, such as: LED spotlight 10W , LED spotlight 20W , LED spotlight 30W , 50W , 100W and even 600W . All with high performance thanks to its cutting-edge technology.


Iluminim’s 500w led flood light can reach 3 years of total warranty. Moreover, they are 100% waterproof and are available for immediate delivery to any city in the country. Make the comparison and understand the reason for the wide demand and reliability in the largest national LED store.

MIC is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of LED lighting and solar lights in China, as well as the leading provider in energy-saving solutions.
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