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300w led parking lot light: The 3 Biggest Challenges in Parking Lighting
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300w led parking lot light: The 3 Biggest Challenges in Parking Lighting

Do you want to improve outdoor parking? You’re not the only one! Here we list the 3 biggest challenges in 300w led parking lot light. Check out!

300w led parking lot light

When we talk about lighting for outdoor parking (not only those with open sky, but also parking lots in shopping malls, supermarkets and others), high quality products that fulfill the responsibility for which they were installed come to mind.

No wonder that many managers/supervisors of establishments keep seeking improvement. , We can say, parking lights are one of the biggest challenges we face today. Read on and find out what they are and how to change the situation.

Challenge number 1in 300w led parking lot light: lack of security

It is common to find security cameras scattered throughout practically all establishments, isn’t it?! They are essential for the security of the place, as they serve as a record for different situations. Similarly, 300w led parking lot light is also important.

But what to do when there is a robbery in a parking lot, for example, the camera captures the image. But when checking the recordings you can’t see anything because the lighting is poor? Well, damage for sure! And in addition to the damage, there is certainly an “ear pull” coming from above, demanding the increased security of the place.

What to do in this situation?

Start by investing in LED luminaires, which provide much greater light irradiation than conventional lamps. By making this simple change, you ensure greater visibility of the location. Moreover, 300w led parking lot light increases the circulation/entry of customers to the location. And it automatically increases the company’s revenue.

In addition, a well-lit environment makes people feel good and safe, and since everyone has a good vision, the cameras are also able to record images more clearly.

300w led parking lot light Saves bills

Another situation that happens with this simple improvement is the issue of energy savings, which is another great villain for managers. One thing leads to another and imagine how cool it is to improve several points with a single solution. 300w led parking lot light improves your current situation within the company or not?

Challenge number 2: high energy consumption

The second villain is, without a doubt, the high energy consumption. For owners, reducing costs is one of the fundamental premises, after all, the lower the costs, the greater the profits!

And what to do when there is excessive energy consumption? The lighting for outdoor parking is one of those that stay on for the longest time. Hence, it depends on the location. It is on from 12:00 to 24:00 a day! You who are a manager know that at the end of the month the bill arrives, and it arrives very heavy!

How to improve parking lot lighting?

To improve this situation, we conduct an on-site assessment and offer the solution for changing luminaires. For example, a conventional 400W luminaire can be replaced by a 150W LED luminaire. The difference will certainly be noticed within the first month of application!


Another important point is that the 300w led parking lot light efficiency is greater. This means that where two conventional luminaires were needed to illuminate X m², depending on the case, it is possible to replace it with a single LED. By making this change, you can be sure that your electricity bill will be much lower!

Challenge number 3: low durability of 300w led parking lot light

From 0 to 10, what is the level of dissatisfaction with a product that lasts less than proposed? It is a complicated situation, because there is a huge effort to find the “best product”, which fits perfectly to your conditions and in the end, it is a common product, which does not literally solve your problem.

The LED luminaires used in our outdoor parking lighting have a useful life of 66,000 hours, with a much greater flux of luminosity.  It uses less power and automatically reducing energy consumption.

Best Led Lights for Parking

In addition, the lighting for outdoor parking has a special paint bath in its manufacture, making the luminaire much more durable and resistant. A proof of this is that reflector or public lamps have a 5-year warranty! It’s too good to be true, isn’t it?!If you identified with the challenges and are willing to solve the problems there in your establishment, just click here and request an evaluation right now! It’s free and I can guarantee you it will be worth it!

You may have already gone through the following situation: arriving home tired from a week of work, rainy night, anxious to rest and when parking the car in the condominium parking lot, dents and scratches the side of the car in the column. It’s not a pleasant situation, much less difficult to happen.

What does research say about 300w led parking lot light?

Research indicates that most minor damage to cars happens in the condominium garage. This type of incident is related to poor lighting or even lack of lighting in condominium garages.

300w led parking lot light 2021

This type of situation is more common than one imagines.  We can avoid this situation by using 300w led parking lot light.

If you are responsible for building garages or responsible for a condominium, it is well worth considering investing in quality garage lighting. Whether you are building or upgrading, don’t leave lighting in the background, this is a mistake that can be costly.

Parking Lights help in accidental damages

In addition to damage to vehicles and building installations, a much more important factor must be considered, the safety of people. Avoiding accidents should be everyone’s concern, and adequate lighting helps to prevent such accidents.

Garages, both external and internal, that have poor lighting pose constant hazards to pedestrians. This is even more worrying if we take into account that garages and parking lots, as a rule, do not have an exclusive space for pedestrian circulation. Therefore, you should use 300w led parking lot light.


In the vast majority of parking lots, pedestrians are forced to pass through cars. This fact, added to poor lighting, is a real risk factor, especially for the most vulnerable such as children, the elderly and pets.

Prevent accidents from happening, use adequate lighting in garages and parking lots at your construction site or condominium.

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