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200W 240W MSL-D-2 street light

MSL-D200-2 series streetlight

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Power:200W N.W/G.W:4.6kg / 5.6kg Product size:626*282*60mm Carton size:675*340*125mm

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The shell can be opened with bare hands for maintenance

The lamp arm can be adjusted 180 degrees

Can be installed on poles up to 60mm in diameter

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—MIC D-2 series led Street Light

1. Using high bright SMD 3030 or SMD 5050.
2. Adopts integrated design of heat sink and lamp housing. The LED is directly connected to the outer casing, and the heat
dissipation fins transfer the light source heat out fast, which fully ensure the lifetime 50,000 hours of the LED street light.
3. The lamp housing is made of die-casting aluminum, and the reasonable structure design ensure the effective heat dissipation performance, waterproof and dustproof. The luminaire surface is with UV-resis tant and anti-corrosive treatment, and the overall luminaire meets the IP66 standard.
4. It adopts standard DC12 die-casting aluminum, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It does not contain lead,mercury and other pollution elements, and has no pollution to the environment.

LED streetlights are mainly used in single buildings, exterior wall lighting of historical buildings, building interior and
exterior lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical and cultural and other special facilities lighting, bars,
stadiums, stadiums, squares , Railway stations, ships, construction sites, tower cranes, and other lighting.

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