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What are the Significant Benefits of Solar Street LED Light?

23. November 2019

The Advantages of Solar Street LED Light

The innovation of solar street LED light is the result of human efforts in combatting climate change. Its creation contemplates the need for renewable energy resources mitigating the impacts of climate change besides increasing energy saving in street lighting. The transition to this street light technology is, therefore, straightforward inexpensive.

As the sun’s heat is the natural and most abundant source of attainable energy, the development of solar street LED light is of paramount importance. It virtually transforms the sun’s energy into electrical power and illuminates the roads.

street LED light


How Solar Street LED Light is a Renewable Energy Source?

Made for outdoor usage, the structure of this lighting system integrates a solar panel, inbuilt and replaceable lithium-ion batteries, and an advanced battery management system in addition to night and motion passive infrared sensors. The solar panel absorbs enough ultraviolet and infrared sunlight and converts it into electrical energy. This energy is stored in the inbuilt battery and used for lighting the streets from dusk-to-dawn.

The whole system works at average lumens brightness. The intensity of the light diminishes till dawn or until the PIR sensor detects human movement. When people are within a certain radius away from the delight, it automatically turns to its full brightness after detecting any motion within a certain distance from the light. Such a smart feature makes solar street light a seamless combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Solar Street Light Delivers Value Beyond Illumination 


Solar light does not require large sources of energy. Powered by integrated small solar panels, it provides a higher level of functionality and agility. Since its mechanism involves converting solar radiation into electrical energy, this LED street light reduces energy consumption in an eco-friendly manner. It is not just a street light. It is a combination of an efficient-energy alternative, a source of reduction in emission of CO2, and reduced maintenance cost.


Environment Friendly 


The technologists based the science behind this street light’s innovation on a coherent strategy to reduce CO2 emission in the atmosphere. The lamp emits very little heat, which has almost no impact on the surroundings. Thus, solar LED street light is a delight for conservationists as it lowers the carbon footprint of human activities.


Solar Street LED Light is Reliable and Sustainable 


The public infrastructure is directly affected by factors, such as maintenance and regulation. As solar street light works off-grid, it incurs minimal operational costs. This light’s magnificence illuminates the streets throughout the night irrespective of power cuts and grid failures. Being wireless and independent of the national grid, it is cost-effective, sustainable, and excellent at par.


Greater Lifespan


A typical solar street light is weather-proof and water-resistant, has a low insect attraction rate and low glare, and has a longer life. LED Street Light h a sustainable lighting technology because it is highly efficient in saving energy, it has a long life, and we can easily recycle it.


Stronger and Safer


The solar street light uses an epoxy lens and not the glass in its make. As a result, it is resistant to breakage. The light braces cold, heat, and harshness of weather. Besides, there is no risk of combustion or overheating due to the absence of external wires.

Furthermore, the disposal of sodium lights is difficult because they contain mercury. Unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lights or mercury-vapor lights, the LED street light is free from toxic chemicals like mercury and easily recyclable.




The LED street light is durable and not vulnerable, as it has no filament. Accordingly, it has a long life. In some cases, it can last 100,000 hours.


Better Safety and Reduction in crime Rates:


LED street light is intelligent and makes our streets more secure. Due to this, it becomes an integral part of the city building block. Since it works non-stop, it improves public safety and reduces crime rates on the streets.


Zero Power Loss:


The power losses are higher in the conventional .high pressure sodium lights that usually consume 15W electricity. But the solar street LED lamp is free from such drawbacks; after all, it takes its energy from the sunlight.


Solar LED Street’s Light Distribution is Pleasant to Human Eyes 


The distinctive yellow-orange glow of sodium light distorts color besides inviting bugs, causing people to face difficulty seeing. Contrary to the diffused glow of sodium light, this light produces clear white “directional” light, i.e., it emits light in one direction. Accordingly, it does not require reflectors and diffusers. The even distribution of light is also pleasant to human eyes.


Difference Speaks of itself:       


The picture shows a lone sodium bulb surrounded by drops of white light emitted by the efficient and cost-saving LED lights.

street LED light


The mastery behind the innovation of solar street led light contemplates the environmentally friendly and efficient lighting source. This sublime technology has fit into the energy system by becoming the mainstream of saving energy besides illuminating life on the streets.

This innovation in the street lighting system with cost and energy efficiency offers an inexpensive yet huge illumination source. As the sensors work automatically without any external power sources, they do not cause any radiation exposure to the environment. Thus, without compromising comfort and security on the streets, the LED solar street light provides high energy conservation.

As the Solar street light addresses multiple public infrastructure issues such as proper light distribution, power consumption, energy conservation, environmental pollution, durability, and maintenance, this discovery is a big win for society, the national economy, and of course for the climate.

It is pertinent that the municipalities in big cities discard conventional energy-guzzling street lights to embrace this technology. The energy prices may continue to increase, but highly efficient, low maintenance led solar street light will alleviate these rises and provide a safer environment.


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