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Warranty Issue


MIC LED guarantees that all the products made and sold by MIC LED are strict quality-controlled to reach the standard for 3 years warranty. The 3 years warranty specifically includes the following:

Under normal use, any product verified to have quality problems by MIC LED or Third-party testing authority will be replaced or maintained with free transportation by MIC for free within 6month after the products shipped out. During the period of time starting from the 6 month (after the products shipped out) to 12th month, MIC will offer maintenances and freight cost. From 12th to 24th month, MIC will offer the parts and half of freight cost (50% shipping cost), from 24th to 36th month, MIC will offer the parts only. Then freight cost will assume by customer.

 Warranty Issue  specifically excludes the following:

1. Expiration of the warranty period

2. Damages caused by installation or operation not in accordance with seller’s instruction.

3. Damage caused by disassembly service or refit without seller’s authorization

4. Damage caused by including but not limited to lightning, hurricanes, earthquakes, or flooding, etc

5. Corrosion caused by heavy fallout or exposure to corrosive chemicals or deterioration caused by corrosive fumes or condensations or harmful substances

6. It is normal that less than 0.3% LED Chip burn out it in single lamp unit. MIC led will not take responsibility under the circumstances

7. MIC led corn light series can be applied in the closed fixtures or lampshades.

Damages caused by DHL, FEDEX or UPS express. the customer have to open the parcels Before signing the courier receipt. if there are caused by express, can not sign the courier receipt. we will ask them compensate for loss and deliver the new lamp to you. we will not take the responsibility if the customer do not open and check the parcels before signing the waybill.

MIC ist einer der größten Hersteller, Lieferanten und Exporteure von LED-Beleuchtung und Solarleuchten in China sowie der führende Anbieter von Energiesparlösungen.
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