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Performance Features of Solar LED Flood Light

Below are the performance features fo solar LED flood light!

  1. Large capacity Class A lithium battery: the lamp will be on for A longer period of time all night; Use continuously for more than 72 hours in cloudy and rainy days
  2. Highlighted LED wick: 5730 SMD with high luminous efficiency, wick with luminous efficiency > 213lm/w; Droop small
  3.  High efficiency solar panels: conversion rate > 21.48%; Faster charging, 6-8 hours
  4. Intelligent controller: it will turn on when someone is walking, and automatically shut off when no moving object is left;
  5. Protection grade IP67 to strengthen the waterproof effect;
  6. Control mode: intelligent remote control, 3.5.8h timing; Freely regulated brightness
  7. 180° rotating stainless steel support, freely adjustable
  8. 5 m connection wire, flexible installation
  9. Stainless steel screws for the whole lamp, durable and anti-corrosion
  10. Paint baking process, fine workmanship, no burrs

Application scenario: courtyard, self-built house, resort, villa, front door, playground, new countryside, outdoor camping, park

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