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Shipping of 1550pcs 240w UFO High Bay Light

ፌብሩዋሪ 05, 2018

1550pcs 240W UFO high bay for our client in the United States have been shipped after 48 hours aging and testing on Aug.10.

With the effort of MIC lovely and hard-working colleagues, these UFO high bays are well finished after about 20-days-production.

MIC UFO led high bay light widely used in warehouse, car parking lot, playground, garden, gym, etc.

1. Meanwell HBG driver, specially designed for high bay light, best heat dissipation performance

2. High lumen PHILIPS SMD3030 LEDs, whole lamp high brightness over 130lm/w

3. Quality Guaranteed 5 years warranty, no quality worry

Any interest?

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