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250w UFO ቲም ፋይሎች-ፕሮጀክት ጉዳይ-አሜሪካ

ሐምሌ 04 ፣ 2019

250w ufo tim fileds-project case-usa

ምርት: 250w UFO highbay light

አካባቢ: - USA


Tim has specialized in world-class linear shafting for many years. At their Roscoe location, weekly operating hours are upwards of 60 hours and with over 400 metal halide light fittings. Tim was especially interested in the opportunity to improve their energy efficiency through LED lighting.


In the workshop, MIC 250W UFO highbay light were installed, reducing energy expenditure by up to 70%. This product is super bright 130lm/w and it’s waterproof IP65.

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