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Koffy-Project Case-Cote D’ivoir 200w Mic LED የጎርፍ መብራት

ሐምሌ 04 ፣ 2019

200w mic led flood light


In Cote d’Ivoire sea port, the appearance of MIC led flood light. 200W led flood light will be installed on it, lighting the whole port. Abidjan sea port is a busy port. Every day, the goods are in a constant stream and it takes a long time to work. Previous traditional lamps were difficult to meet the brightness required by the port. It is inevitable to replace the LED lamp with higher brightness and more energy saving.


200W led flood light S series use PHILIP 3030 LEDs, Luminous flux is more than 26000lm. It is 2-3 times the brightness of traditional lamps. The installation height is about 9 meters and the interval is 15 meters. Average brightness up to 200 lux. It’s very good for person working at night. And then, MIC led flood light use is Die-casting Aluminum dissipation. Don’t worry about the heat sink. It’s nice to protect the lamp. MIC products reach every corner of the world. Illuminate your way forward.

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