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dc24v 70w led flood light project-1
DC24v 70w LED Flood light project

ምርት: 70w LED flood light
Customer: Marty


Marty’s business focus on solar light towers and solar hybrid light tower with trailor, we may call it trailor solar led flood light, and he need reliable and durable DC12/24V LED floodlight. The previous lamp he used is with low light efficiency, it cause the wasting of solar panel and battery. And the lamp’s light beam angle is large, the lighting performance is not good. So we made customize design for them with small beam angle, and use the Nichia & CREE super bright, this those solution was great satisfy with client’s request.

We MIC LED lighting is specialized in LED lamps, cover LED floodlight, LED street light, UFO LED highbay light and so on. DC12/24V LED floodlight is one of our featured products. MIC DC input floodlighting LED use top quality DC driver and reputable LED brand, and excellent aluminum housing with best heat dissipation performance.

dc24v 70w led flood light project-01

In pictures each light tower use 4pcs MIC 70W DC24V LED floodlight, whose lifespan is over 50, 000 hours and it’s super bright over 170lm/w with IES test report. As to the light beam angle, we open mould 60 degree reflector for this floodlight, allow the light can focus on the illuminated area to avoid light wasting.

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