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480w flood light-1
480w flood light-2
480w የጎርፍ ብርሃን በራዳውቲ ከተማ ፣ ሮማኒያ

Once upon a time, it was a wasteland. In order to increase the entertainment here. My client wants to build 5 tennis courts here. So he found our company – MIC on Alibaba. According to him specification, he want use is 200W led flood light S series 18 pcs and reach to 600lux. But in my experience, 200W S series led flood light only 130lm/w, brightness can only reach 500lux. And this court use for play games. Only 500lux seems a bit dark. So we recommend G series led flood light to he. At first, we guess use 480W at least can reach to 800lux. He also agree that 800lux is much better. Because our G series led flood light luminous flux can reach to 160lm/w. My client is very satisfied with us. Under our recommendation, 480W was used for DIALUX simulation. Regarding my client provide specification of the court. The length of the course is 34 meters, the width is 16.5 meters, and the installation height is 9-10 meters. The result of DIALUX, the average brightness is reach to 1100lux. My client is very satisfied with result. So he decided bought the lamp from our company immedately. And now, the courts is already in use. The client is very satisfied with the lamp. Becuase the lamp use PC cover, its not only brightness, but no light glare to affects playing. Every corner is full of brightness. Regarding my customer feedback, he can clearly see a hair on the ground. MIC, focus makes professional

480w flood light-01

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