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100w led street light project case-1
ኳላልምumpር ፣ ማሌዥያ - 100 ዋ የኤልዲ የመንገድ ላይ መብራት ፕሮጀክት ጉዳይ

ምርት: item MSL-A100, 100w Led street light


We just finished Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a main street’s light design and installation, MIC Led street light with a five-year warranty of +160/w, IP66.

100w led street light project case-01

When we first contacted the customer,the customer planned to install corn lamp in the traditional street light to complete the lighting plan. We looked at the picture of the traditional light and found that the size is too small and it is not convenient for the corn light to dissipate heat,which will easily shorten the service life of the corn light. According to the height of the pole. We recommend to install our A series 100w Led street light.

Now the customer has received the light and installed it. He told us that the light is very bright and the performance is very good and feedback with installation picture.

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