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mic 500w led flood light-2
MIC 500w LED በጎርፍ ብርሃን ኢንተለጀንት ስርዓት በ Barceloneta ፣ PR ፕሮጀክት

mic 500w led flood light-01

MIC 500w መር የጎርፍ መጥለቅለቅ

mic 500w led flood light-02

There are several parks in Barceloneta, PR. The previous lighting system became less efficient with bulbs requiring frequent replacement, as well as producing a noticeable background noise during events. Additionally, the previous fixtures were extremely limited in the special effects and production capabilities compared to newer, sophisticated lighting systems.

The total area of a park is about 2400㎡. It use 5 poles for a park, each pole mounted to 6 pieces 500W led flood light. The pole is 50′ height. MFL-A500 is more than 55,000lm. We use is fin aluminum and copper tube as a heat dissipation system. Although the total power is big, the working temperature has not over 50℃. Everything is in my hand. You can’t see a dolt dim in the whole park. It very high brightness. The average lux reach to 600lux. Perfection has find a place in MIC.

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