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IP65 waterproof corn light introduction

Shenzhen MIC Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong. Since the LED company is among the leader in the industry, thus it specializes in high-power LED indoor and outdoor lighting including the 180° LED Corn Light. It is a leading integrated operation service company in the field of LED optoelectronics, focusing on the research and development of LED lighting products, Production, and sales. The company also has standard product production lines, self-support import and export rights, and professional management.

Darüber hinaus verfügen sie über Forschungs- und Entwicklungs-, Fertigungs- und Marketingteams mit mehr als Hunderten von Mitarbeitern. Sie stellen verschiedene Produkte wie Hochleistungs-LED-Straßenlaternen, LED-Solarstraßenlaternen, LED-Hallenleuchten, LED-Tunnelleuchten, LED-Röhren, LED-Lampen, LED-Strahler, LED-Schienenleuchten, LED-Technikleuchten, LED-Deckenleuchten und andere High- Power-LED-Innen- und Außenbeleuchtungskörper und LED-Solarprodukte, die die Vorteile von Energieeinsparung, Umweltschutz und langer Lebensdauer haben, werden häufig in der Beleuchtung, Verkehrsanzeige und Stadtbeleuchtung und anderen Bereichen eingesetzt.

Das Unternehmen hat auch die internationale ISO9001-Zertifizierung für Qualitätssicherungssysteme und die internationale ISO14001-Zertifizierung für Umweltmanagementsysteme bestanden. Es verfügt über UL-, TÜV-, CE-, ROHS-, FCC- und andere internationale Prüf- und Zertifizierungsberichte für verschiedene Produkte.

Überlebe durch Qualität und entwickle dich durch Innovation. Shenzhen Chuangqi Optoelectronics besteht auf technologischer Innovation für die Entwicklung und hält sich an den Grundsatz "Kunden von ganzem Herzen bedienen" und bietet seinen Kunden qualitativ hochwertige Produkte und einen perfekten After-Sales-Service. Daher ist das Unternehmen bereit, mit neuen und alten Kunden zusammenzuarbeiten und sich aufrichtig zu entwickeln.

Applicable places: most indoor scenes, hotels, stations, warehouses, factories, schools, parks, various residential areas, courtyards and other road lighting.


Modell Nr. MYM-25-02 MYM-30-02 MYM-35-02
Energieverbrauch 25W LED-Maislicht 30W LED-Maislicht 35W LED-Maislicht
NW / Größe 0,63 kg, D93 * L220 mm 0,71 kg, D93 * L245mm 0,78 kg, D93 * L245mm
Lichtstrom > 3250LM > 3900LM > 4550LM
Ersatz 120W  CFL 140 W CFL 160 W CFL
Base  E40/E39/E27/E26
Modell Nr. MYM-40-02 MYM-50-02 MYM-60-02
Energieverbrauch 40W LED-Maislicht 50W LED-Maislicht 60W LED-Maislicht
NW / Größe 0,85 kg, D93 * L285 mm 0,92 kg, D93 * L305 mm 0,95 kg, D93 * L315 mm
Lichtstrom > 5200LM > 6500LM > 7800LM
Ersatz 180W CFL 230W CFL 350 W CFL
Base E40 / E39
Lichteffizienz > 130 lm / w Abstrahlwinkel 360 °
Leistungsfaktor ≥0,90 Warm white 2700-3500K
IP-Bewertung IP65 Nature white 4000-5000K
SCHREIEN Ra> 80 Cool white 5500-6700K
Eingangsspannung AC85-265V Verpackung 1pc/white box, 16pcs/ctn
MOQ 12 pcs Garantie 3 Jahre


Led corn light is a kind of led lamp, because the maximum light-emitting angle of led is 120 degrees, considering the uniform light emission, it is specially designed to emit light at 360 degrees, and its shape is like a corn cob, especially called led corn light.

  1. Our corn lamp is matched with E27 or E40 lamp holder, suitable for traditional lamp holder, simple installation, strong versatility, not easy to age and crack;
  2. Also, design life refers to the industrial standard, and it can be used 24 hours a day without interruption. It not only satisfies industrial needs well but also has an ultra-long lifespan for home use. It can almost be said that the home can be used for a lifetime; 3. It adopts ultra-high brightness self-packaged LED, ESD withstand voltage 6~8KV, low color tolerance deviation, <5SDCM, good performance, reduced blue light damage, high CRI Ra>83, R9>0, real eye protection;
  3. At the same time, the luminous efficiency is high, up to 196.5LM/W, which is not only more energy-saving than traditional energy-saving lamps, but also more energy-saving than ordinary LED lamps, realizing energy saving and environmental protection;
  4. Aluminum extruded heat sink / fin riveted aluminum air convection heat sink, the light source is in close contact with the housing, and the LED load is left margin to ensure low temperature, ensure the life of the light source, and be suitable for long-term use
  5. The driving power is agile, there is no delay in starting, and it is on when it is turned on. It can reach normal brightness without waiting, and the number of switching times can reach tens of thousands. To
  6. Green, pollution-free, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin, no lead and mercury pollution elements, realizing energy-saving and environmental protection lighting in the true sense.

The purchase of LED corn lamps and the difference with energy-saving lamps

Corn lamps are generally installed on the surrounding ceilings of bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. This kind of concealed lamp embedded in the ceiling, all light is projected downward, which belongs to direct light distribution. Different reflectors, lenses, blinds, and bulbs can be used to achieve different light effects. Corn lamps do not occupy space and can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights to reduce the pressure of space.

When most people choose lamps for their families, they choose to use common incandescent lamps. They think that the higher the brightness, the better and the higher the wattage. However, with the advent of LED lamps, this tradition will be changed. The method of lamps and lanterns, when choosing lamps, not only depends on whether its brightness is bright enough, but also whether the characteristics of LED lighting lamps are environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

It depends on the size of the indoor space at home to choose the appropriate wattage of LED lighting fixtures, then the following is for everyone to design the wattage formula of LED bulbs to replace traditional incandescent lamps. I hope that you can give you your reference when choosing LED bulbs:

Comparison of brightness and energy-saving between LED bulbs and traditional bulbs:

1W LED=15W incandescent lamp=3W CFL (energy saving lamp)

3W LED=8W CFL (energy saving lamp)=25W incandescent lamp

4W LED=11W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=40W incandescent lamp

8W LED=15W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=75W incandescent lamp

12W LED=20W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=100W incandescent lamp

I believe you will have your own opinions and answers when choosing LED lamps. If you usually install 8w energy-saving lamps in your home, then you can choose 3w when choosing LED lamps. Up

The product features of our IP65 corn light: using 3030SMD SMD LED lamp beads, the general brightness is about 130lm/W, and the heat dissipation structure is a two-in-one heat dissipation solution of aviation aluminum + active fan, which can quickly cool down and extend the lamp. The longest life span of LED lamp beads is 50,000 hours. The power supply part also adopts a smart circuit scheme, which will automatically reduce the power when overheating, and automatically resume full power operation when the temperature drops to 55 degrees. In addition, in order to achieve the IP65 waterproof level, we have used glue for the PCB part of the power supply, which can completely isolate the water from the power supply; we also made a waterproof transparent cover on the surface of the lamp to ensure that rainwater will not be in use. Pour onto the led lamp beads.

MIC ist einer der größten Hersteller, Lieferanten und Exporteure von LED-Beleuchtung und Solarleuchten in China sowie der führende Anbieter von Energiesparlösungen.
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