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Canopy Introduction

Shenzhen MIC Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Since the LED Canopy Light company is among the leader in the industry, thus it specializes in high-power LED indoor and outdoor lighting. It is a leading integrated operation service company in the field of LED optoelectronics, focusing on the research and development of LED lighting products, Production, and sales. The company also has standard product production lines, self-support import and export rights, and professional management.

In addition, they have research and development, manufacturing, and marketing teams, with more than hundreds of employees. They manufacturer different Products such as high-power LED street lights, LED solar street lights, LED high bay lights, LED tunnel lights, LED tubes, LED bulbs, LED spotlights, LED track lights, LED engineering lights LED ceiling lights and other high-power LED indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and LED solar products, which have the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, and long service life, are widely used in lighting, traffic indication and urban lighting and other fields.

The company has also passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification; and has UL, TUV, CE, ROHS, FCC, and other international testing and certification reports for various products.

Survive by quality, and develop by innovation. Shenzhen Chuangqi Optoelectronics insists on technological innovation for development, adhering to the tenet of "Serving customers wholeheartedly", providing customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. Therefore, the company is willing to sincerely cooperate with new and old customers and develop together.

Energy-saving comparison between traditional petrol station lights and our LED petrol station lights

MIC UFO High Bay VS HPS Lamp ROI Analysis Direct Replacement
                       Light source                                                    Item HPS High Bay MIC LED canopy light Remark
Initial Investment Kraft der Lichtquelle 300W 100W
MENGE 10 Stück 10 Stück
Stromverbrauch Kraft der Lichtquelle 300W 100W
Verteiler Ballast Treiber
Leitungsverlust (2%) 6W 2W
Transformatorverlust (1%) 3W 1W
Reaktive Kompensation PF 0,80 PF 0,95
Leistung jeder Lampe 499W 108W
MENGE 10 Stück 10 Stück
Gesamtleistung der Lampen 5.0kw 1,1 kW
Täglicher Stromverbrauch 60 kwh 13,01 kWh Daily Working 12 Hours
Jährlicher Stromverbrauch 21,845 kwh 4.749 kWh
10 Jahre Stromverbrauch 218,453 kwh 47.488 kWh

Source and development

The LED gas station light uses LED as the luminous body as LED belongs to cold start lighting. So, the lamp is mainly used for gas station lighting and requires explosion-proof, energy-saving, environmental protection, and safety.

Gas stations are an important part of urban public services. Traditional gas station lights often use 250W, 400W metal halide lamps, or induction lamps, metal halide lamps, and other 360-degree lights. So, the shortcoming of large light losses has caused a huge waste of energy.

On the contrary, modern gas station lighting is efficient and yields better results in terms of life-expectancy, energy, and efficiency. So, the development of new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, environmentally-friendly LED gas station lights is of great significance for energy saving in urban lighting. After all, gas station lighting is closely related to people's lives.

Moreover, LED gas station lights gradually come into people's field of vision with the advantages of directional light emission, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response speed, high shock resistance, long service life, and environmental protection.

Has become the world's new generation of energy-saving light sources with the advantage of replacing traditional light sources. Therefore, LED gas station lights will become the best choice for gas station lighting energy-saving transformation, and it is the general trend.

Product details


1,The lamp body of the LED gas station is made of high-strength die-cast aluminum material, and the surface is anti-aging and electrostatic spray-treated, self-cleaning and strong anti-corrosion.

2,The mask uses high-strength anti-shatter glass, which is impact resistant and friction resistant.

3,Using high-quality LED products, high stability, long life time up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than traditional light sources, achieving low investment and high return.

4, Moreover, Green environmental protection and pollution-free, cold light source design, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, achieving true green

5, humanized structural design, easier installation and maintenance of lamps. Suitable for a variety of applications.

6,The lamp design fully dissipates heat, and the cover temperature rises, which is safe and protective.

7, In addition, good color rendering, bright and stable, more realistic representation of the actual color, the color temperature of the LED light source is optional, which can meet the needs of different environments.

8,The power supply controlled by constant current and constant voltage is suitable for wide voltage (AC 90 ~ 264V / 90 ~ 305V), which overcomes the shortcomings of power grid and noise pollution caused by ballast.

9, Also, excellent decorative effect, using a special surface treatment process, the appearance of a variety of colors to choose from, simple installation, easy disassembly, a wide range of applications.

MIC ist einer der größten Hersteller, Lieferanten und Exporteure von LED-Beleuchtung und Solarleuchten in China sowie der führende Anbieter von Energiesparlösungen.
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