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  1. Overview of LED bulb

LED bulbs are the fourth-generation green lighting source with a bulb shape that people use in appearance—spherical and built-in SMD LED lamp beads as the light source. Together with LED filament lamps, they are the best choice to replace traditional incandescent lamps.

Like all LED lamps, LED bulbs have the advantages of environmental protection, health and energy saving, high brightness and long life, no flicker, no mosquitoes, etc. They are popular in commercial and civil lighting markets.

  1. The composition of LED bulb

The main components of LED bulbs are: driver, lamp beads, lamp bead substrate, radiator, PC cover, PBT housing, and lamp holder.
1.1 Driving of LED bulb
Mainly divided into: RC drive and IC drive
The voltage fluctuation range of the RC drive is very narrow. Thus, it is easy to burn out when the voltage is unstable. The low voltage range that the new light source can use is 100V-130V, and the high voltage range is 220-240V. If the voltage is too high, it will burn. On the contrary, if it is too low, it will become darker with stroboscopic flicker.
The IC driver can accept a voltage fluctuation range of 10%. The low voltage range that can be used is usually 90-160V, and the high voltage range is 160-260V without flicker.

1.2 Lamp beads used in LED bulbs

According to the size, there are mainly 2835 and 5730 lamp beads
2835 lamp beads refer to LED lamp beads with a size of 3.5 (length) × 2.8 (width) × 0.8 (thickness) mm. Generally, a 3W LED bulb lamp has a 2835 lamp bead power of 0.2W, 9W, 12W LED bulbs. The power of each 2835 lamp bead is 0.5W.
5730 lamp beads refer to LED lamp beads with a size of 5.7 (length) × 3.0 (width) × 0.8 (thickness) mm. Generally, the power of each 5730 lamp bead for 5W and 7W LED bulbs is 0.5W.
Compared with 5730 lamp beads, 2835 has better overall performance such as brightness and heat dissipation. In the LED industry, 2835 has become the designated choice for lamps such as lamp tubes, bulb lamps, and panel lights.

1.3 The lamp bead substrate of the LED bulb

Mainly divided into glass solder plate and aluminum substrate
Glass fiber board: It is made of glass fiber cloth, which has low cost, high pressure resistance, but poor heat dissipation.
Aluminum base plate: It is made of a special metal-based copper clad laminate, which has good thermal conductivity, poor electrical insulation performance, and higher cost.
Medium and high-end LED bulb light basically use high-quality aluminum substrates.

1.4 Radiator of LED bulb

Radiator is aluminum cover LED bulbs are made of plastic-clad aluminum structure. This fully combines the characteristics of plastic insulation, corrosion resistance, and fast heat conduction of metal aluminum, coupled with a unique air convection structure, which makes heat dissipation faster, guarantees life, and reduces light decay.

1.5 Shade of LED bulb

There are two common types of milky white cover and transparent cover on the market. The materials are PC, glass, ceramic, silicone, and so on.
Nowadays, the number of PC covers for LED bulbs is the best, with 85~90% light transmittance, uniform, and soft light, and of course the most expensive.

1.6 Shell of LED bulb

Generally, you use insulated PBT shell, which has good insulation and corrosion resistance.

1.7 The base of the LED bulb

LED bulbs can replace ordinary incandescent lamps. The conventional lamp holders are E27, E14, and can also be customized for standard lamp holders in different countries.

  1. Parameters of LED Bulb

Take the LED bulb lamp manufactured by the new light source as an example: full voltage 85-265V input, output power of 2.5W, 4W, 6W, 8W, 10W, the highest measured luminous efficiency is 100lm/w, CRI> 80, light transmittance 85%-90%, the luminous angle is 300°, the power efficiency is above 90%, and the PF>0.5.
At present, it passes the CE certification, and the export products to high-standard countries such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The life span is up to 20,000 hours and the warranty is 2 years.


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