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100w Corn Light in France

Motor Bike Sales Center

Branche: Vehicles

Das Ergebnis

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Motor Bike Sales Center was well known for sells created design Motorbike in Local Country. The headquarters based in Martigues FRANCE. Absorbing thousands of youth and Middle-aged to try and buy the bike there per year. The Existing problem is 500pcs 300w HPS with Semi-closed lampshade and some of are G12 100w spotlight for replacement.

Almost all of the existing light fittings were upgraded to energy efficient little wattages of LED lamps. In veiw of the client preference, provided solution of 300pcs 6000k 100w Led corn light, and 200pcs 6000k 30w G12 led par light were installed which reduce the school’s energy consumption on lighting by up to 66%.

MIC ist einer der größten Hersteller, Lieferanten und Exporteure von LED-Beleuchtung und Solarleuchten in China sowie der führende Anbieter von Energiesparlösungen.
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