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100w Mic LED Corn Light In Phoenix Arizona

July 04, 2019

The Situation

In summer, Phoenix Arizona is one of most hot city in The United State. So the local People need a place to cool down at night. Park is most favorite of place to choose. But there are still use for traditional lamp for lighting before MIC coming. As far as we are aware, traditional light not only waste energy, but brightness low. They are need more brightness lamp for the park. MIC led corn light is coming soon.

The Solution

Why the MIC led corn light can stand the high temperature in Phoenix Arizona? Because the dissipation system of MIC led corn light is Integrated structure 6063 aluminum +Fans. It’s very smart for lamp. And MIC led corn light use intelligent temperature controller driver, it can protect the lamp when the temperature rise. In the Park, there are have 48 traditional lamp. But use led corn light only 24 lamps. The 100W led corn light replace to traditional lamp is a good proposal, only need 24 lamp is okay for the whole park. The total brightness led corn light is double of traditional lamp. Because the park has become brighter, more people like to come here to rest. MIC light the world.

MIC is een van die grootste vervaardigers, verskaffers en uitvoerders van LED-beligting en sonligte in China, sowel as die voorste verskaffer in energiebesparende oplossings.
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