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UFO Nathan Bryan-project Case-Japan

July 04, 2019

ufo nathan bryan-project case-japan

Produk: 100w UFO highbay light

Location: Japan

The Situation

Anchored Fitness and Performance is a gym in Kobe, Japan. Mr. Nathan was interested to replace the traditional HPS light with LED light. He complained that the old lamp is fast to fail and not bright enough.

The Solution

100 Watt UFO high bay light is used for gym lighting. And color temperature warm white 3000K offer soft light for the guest and no stroboscopic help to protect guests’ eyes. As a result, Anchored Fitness and Performance will save electricity bill every year and were cash flow positive from Day 1.

MIC is een van die grootste vervaardigers, verskaffers en uitvoerders van LED-beligting en sonligte in China, sowel as die voorste verskaffer in energiebesparende oplossings.
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