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Notice for Mid-autumn Festivial

05 Februarie 2018

Honorific custom, from 15th Sep. to 18th Sep. is China traditional mid-autumn festival. MIC all staff will be in holiday 3 days.

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of China’s traditional festivals, because in the autumn lunar month being August and the 15th of August among the so called “Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“Moonlight” The term first appeared in “Zhou”, has said for months equinox worship, there is Mid-Autumn Festival before and after the Qin and Han elderly activity week, also thanks to cake cake. The full moon festival on, respecting customs converge together, after a long process of development continue to gain, later became the custom of Mid-Autumn Festival. In the Tang Dynasty, the custom of this festival on more people’s attention, Mid-Autumn Festival became a fixed festival, “Tang Taizong of the mind” records “Mid-Autumn Festival”, a popular festival in the Song Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties when the famous New Year’s Day and has become one of the major festivals in China.

There are many legends Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon, Wu Gang cutting Gui, rabbit pound medicine myth has been circulating in the class folk. Tang Dynasty and the Moon Mooncake linked, very romantic. Mid legitimate autumnal equinox, the sun is directly toward the Earth side of the moon, autumn, moon in the sky, the moon and the inherent sacrifice month customs.

During the interview, Mr. Gao told reporters that members of the public, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, the family will go to grandma’s house holidays, in the afternoon of that day, the family will put up the table in the hospital, placed above a variety of fruits and moon cake, in order to Festival month. “I have always heard my grandfather said August 15 that night, under the moon cake on the moon, when the moon cake the next day found little piece, it would prove that the moon god came to your house, you will bless your home safe the now grown up, I realized that I made are the grandfather’s story, in fact, just a festival on customs. “Mr. Gao said.

In addition to the full moon festival on customs, the Mid-Autumn Festival this day there are Enlightening, riddles, eating moon cake and drinking customs, according to the customs of the country, who in the autumn day practices will be different. Whatever the local custom of Mid-Autumn Festival this day they will eat the moon cake. In the festive evening, the family would get together to eat moon cake cutting, in order to symbolize the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion.

Mid-Autumn Festival on the historical story presentation

The origin of moon cake

Day Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake is a necessary food, which symbolizes reunion, the Mid-Autumn Festival will eat the product. There are a variety called moon cake, cookies, cake reunion, Hu cake is the Mid-Autumn Moon worship offerings, since ancient times, this practice has been passed down along, they formed the Mid-Autumn Festival to eat moon cake customs.

According to Professor Wang introduced, moon cake in China has a long history, as early as in the Yin and Zhou dynasties, there is a commemorative Taishi Wen Chung edge thin heart thick the “Taishi cake”, which is our moon cake the “ancestor.” When the Western Han Dynasty envoy Zhang Qian, the introduction of sesame, Hu nucleus for moon cake production materials added, when they appeared in walnuts for the filling of a circular cake, called “Hu cake.” From the Tang Dynasty, folk have been engaged in the production of bread division, capital Chang’an also appeared pastry shop. It is said that a year’s Mid-Autumn Festival night, when the full moon Emperor and Yang, emotionally, casually say “moon cake”, from the “moon cake” in the name will gradually spread in the folk.

Moon cake has successfully promote, promote moral reunion, but by late development, moon cake has become a cultural consumer goods, after big efforts packaging businesses, the public purchase of moon cake is more focused on the packaging, but ignored the cultural taste of moon cake.

Recently, the reporter visited the moon cake market, found that getting up because the thrift atmosphere thick, some of the high-grade moon cake gift boxes have disappeared, prevailing on the market are some of the low-end moon cake gift box, and bulk, freshly baked moon cake has become the first choice of the public.

In some supermarkets and bakeries reporter found that in the past those high-grade moon cake gift boxes have been completely invisible, and placed in the moon cake sales area of ​​more than ordinary grade moon cake gift boxes and tin-based moon cake gift boxes, moon cake has been the low end of normal It may occupy the main position of moon cake market. According to the staff a bakery introduced in previous years the most expensive moon cake shop in the thousand or so, the most common of the moon cake 300 yuan. Today, the price dropped a lot of moon cake gift box, the most expensive moon cake gift boxes sold for $300, while the average moon cake gift boxes are between 100 yuan to 200 yuan.

During the interview, Zhang Hecheng people said buy moon cake mainly in the hope family can be together and be able to eat reunion dinner this day gather for moon cake packaging pretty good, the price is not expensive that no one will pay attention.

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