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LED Lamps More Efficient, Replacing The Traditional Lighting Appliances Trend Is Obvious

05 Februarie 2018

Now when consumers in Europe and the United States want to buy energy-efficient light bulbs, has a new choice, LED bulbs began to shelves in the shopping malls, their working life is 5 times the energy saving lamps, 25 times incandescent. On the other hand, due to the low luminous efficiency of incandescent light bulbs, Europe and the United States have begun to prohibit the sale of incandescent light bulbs, IKEA has decided to put this kind of old electric light bulb.

U.S. national consumer goods testing center of the detection of John in the detection of LED bulbs, he felt that the appearance of the LED bulb is very much like an incandescent bulb, but few heat, electricity consumption is also small. After the testing center of the continuous light test found that the LED light bulb can continue to light 50000 hours. That is to say, if every day to light 6 hours, LED light bulb can be used for 22 years.

Inspectors also found that phase, compared with the traditional fluorescent energy-saving lamps, LED lighting and a prominent advantage is rapid light, and the traditional energy-saving lamps from the lights to take a minute or two to reach the maximum luminous flux and after years of development, now LED lighting color is very rich, and a luminous range from cold to warm white, or red and blue color light color.

MIC is een van die grootste vervaardigers, verskaffers en uitvoerders van LED-beligting en sonligte in China, sowel as die voorste verskaffer in energiebesparende oplossings.
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