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HK Shopping Mall Of Whampoa Garden

July 01, 2019

hk shopping mall

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The Situation

HK, known as a place which called shopping haven in the world.So does HK shopping mall of Whampoa Garden. It is the largest places in kowloon, provided a rich variety of goods, restaurants, foods. But it wastes a lof of electricity energy per year.

The Solution

Consideration of energy saving era, we should move on making retrofit all of its old lights by Led lamps. On the centralized of top ceiling, used 400pcs 30W Led small round side Panel lights. At the sideways, replaced by 260PCS 50W 4500K Led Floodlight. This massive shhopping mall pay less than HK$80000 per year than before.

MIC is een van die grootste vervaardigers, verskaffers en uitvoerders van LED-beligting en sonligte in China, sowel as die voorste verskaffer in energiebesparende oplossings.
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