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General Lighting – The Main Penetration Direction Of LED Lighting

05 Februarie 2018

General lighting, including two major categories of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. These two types of applications require lamp has high luminous efficiency, long life, environmental protection and other characteristics, the main difference lies in the interior lighting light source for lighting effects and quality (including significant color chromaticity consistency, the light source of the radiation intensity and uniformity, and human comfort of) have higher requirements and the consumer oriented groups of lamps and lanterns prices more sensitive. On the other hand, blue chip light-emitting efficiency advantages to be further improved and limited to packaging technology of white light, the lamps and lanterns are mostly high color temperature cool white, coupled with the chromaticity consistency with the traditional lighting compared is not satisfactory, making semiconductor lighting currently in the outer room lighting in a large scale application, and in the interior lighting has just started. Therefore, limited to the cost and quality of lighting, semiconductor lighting will take the lead in outdoor lighting large-scale applications, followed by the continuous development of technology gradually into the field of indoor lighting.

One of the typical outdoor applications is a street lamp, street lamp is an important part of urban lighting, which consumes a large portion of the entire lighting. Traditional street lamps with high pressure sodium lamp, high luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp Hin color index is very low and the irradiation object color distortion is very obvious; high color color of high pressure sodium lamp color has improved, but the luminescence efficiency, life loss; limited in its life is short. Therefore, it is necessary often expensive high maintenance. High pressure sodium lamp light distribution performance is poor. That is to say, the road lighting uniformity is not good enough, and in order to meet the road lighting on the uniform of the general requirements for high pressure sodium lamp use than a lamppost illumination demand large many of the rated power, resulting in the waste of energy. Therefore, the development of the model has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, long life, color rendering index is better, the environment friendly street of urban lighting energy-saving has very important significance. Huge market demand in the field of outdoor lighting, driven by the technological level of the power of the continuous progress, the cost continues to decline, new products continue to emerge.

Idoor lighting the most commonly used products are incandescent and fluorescent lamps. The incandescent lamp luminous efficiency is very low, only a dozen LM / W, and the fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and other harmful substances, is not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, the indoor lighting for efficient and environmentally friendly lighting products demand is more intense. Although the current device has more characteristics than incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, the lighting effect and quality of the lamps and lanterns are not formed on the traditional lighting source. However, the huge indoor lighting market demand, will promote the rapid development of packaging and system level applications for indoor lighting applications.

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