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Wat is die belangrikste LED-straatligparameters?
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Wat is die belangrikste LED-straatligparameters?

Parameters That Effect LED Street Light Installation

The fortuity of urban development has extended its innovations to the asphalt and resulted in the installation of functional devices known as a LED straatlig. These nifty gadgets not only outlast the usual sodium vapor streetlights but also utilize maximum energy with only a minimum portion dissipating to heat.

These lights’ luminance also outshines others by a wide beam and provides a torrent of energy-saving, intense light. However, the functionality and endurance of these LED street lights depend largely on certain significant parameters that must be examined closely.

Installation Technicalities: 

LED Street Light

Die toerustingstelsel van LED-straatligte vereis 'n diepgaande oorweging van 'n verskeidenheid faktore wat gevolglik die algehele werkverrigting van die lamp sal beïnvloed, soos:

Hoogte van die wedstryd:

Dit verwys na die afstand wat van die lampkop tot die asfalt gemeet word, en moet aandag geniet aan onberispelike metings. U moet die breedte van die pad saam met die spasie tussen elke straatlamp oorweeg voordat u op 'n hoogte besluit.

Die algemene hoogte van sulke pale wissel gewoonlik tussen  7m-13m . Kyk egter na die onderstaande koeëls om die verskil tussen die lengtes van straatlamppale verder uit te klaar.

Voordele van lang LED-straatligte:
  1. Verminderde glans
  2. Ryk en eweredig
  3. Handhaaf die helderheid goed
Nadele van hoë LED-straatligte:
  1. Vereis meer energie
  2. Vereis wyer oppervlakruimte
  3. Duur
  4. Hoër lumen-uitset benodig

Statistics also prove that a longer lamp pole not only looks slender and adds to the aesthetic but is also economically beneficial. However, certain manufacturers prefer a shorter span for decorative purposes, such as in gardens and patios. You can enjoy a wide variety of patios and LED garden lights.

Thus the height of LED street lamps plays a critical factor in their installation and consequently, their smooth working.

Fixture Elevation:

This component decided the projection of the light glare projected from your LED Street light. It is determined by the angle formed between the luminous surface and the road. If you want your light to spread across the surface you can simply amp up the elevation angle; moreover, it also aids in illuminating a large space.

However, with the increase in the elevation angle, there is also a distinct rise in the glare luminance, which can irritate nocturnal drivers. It advise to set the elevation angle to 14 degrees.

Cantilever Beam:

In layman’s terms, this beam is something that is supported on one end while the other is suspended i.e., an LED street light and the horizontal distance extending from the center of the lamp to the extreme edge of the surface.

This component is directly linked to the intensity of the light beam or the lux level, which is significantly decreased on the sides of the road or pavement.

To ensure the maximum intensity of beam projection, fix your lamps in a way that maximizes the horizontal distance between the lamp and the road. This will result in a strong and powerful light beam.


The area stretching between one lamp and the adjacent one is also a very important factor to consider and must be calculated with precision. Take into account the position and length of the lamp and the distance between sidewalks along with residences in the periphery.

In a nutshell, consider these aspects before proceeding with the installation:

  1. Ample spacing
  2. Consider construction and sidewalk repairs
  3. Take into account overhead wires
  4. Gauge the lux level
  5. Make sure the LED street lamps are anti-glare

Keep in mind the architecture and the structure of the roads as well. Curved roads and Highways always require more precise calculations and LED street lamps that project high power beams to adequately illuminate spaces along with lesser spacing to minimize glare.

Road intersections:

An adequate lighting plan is fundamental before initiating the installation. Purchase a map of the area beforehand and cross out the road intersections, which always require more detailed planning.

At such intersections, street lighting is crucial to prevent accidents and mishaps.

Invest in high poles to project a powerful light beam and use high contrasting and saturated colors to increase visibility while reducing glare.

The intensity of this beam will sufficiently illuminate the area however, the high power wattage will also result in wasted energy and light pollution in areas the beam will reach but is not necessarily required.

This logic can also apply to spacious places that are prone to traffic jams and crowds.


Another integral factor of LED street light installation is observing the nearby suburbs and deciding a design that contrasts richly with the place’s overall aesthetic. The fixtures should enhance beauty while giving soft beams of warm light and not be seen as a practical hindrance.

There are various lamp styles available to suit your aesthetic palette ranging from staggered lamps to hanging lamps that blend innovation and functionality with a touch of classic style. You can select different pole designs and materials along with embellishments that will enhance the beauty of the street, such as gold detailing on polished, lustrous metal.

You can even tweak the contrast and color of your LED street lights to create a soothing and appealing ambiance, such as with blue light, which is refreshing to the eyes and not as harsh as white beams.

LED Street Light suppliers


To summarize, it is extremely important to prioritize the installation of something as seemingly mundane and practical as LED Street lamps and consider the various factors that can either adversely or positively impact the fixture. This will also determine whether there is a frequent need for maintenance in the future.

The technicalities to scrutinize while proceeding with the installation:

  • LED street lamp height
  • Fixture elevation
  • Cantilever beam
  • Perimeter
  • Aesthetic

These key factors will ensure not only the functionality of the LED street lamps but also their durability, and the end result will exceed satisfaction in regard to quality and performance.

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