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    • Solve the rapid aging problem of LED corn bulb

      Did you face problem of led corn bulb installed in the close fixture, after 6 months then the led started getting dark then dead step by step within 1 year? Our 2020 Upgrade LED corn bulb have solved this problem finally. First we used AT35 new kind 2835 led encapsulated by PPL technology, whi...
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    • MIC Lora intelligent control technology 2.0

        It is time to change your street light with intelligent LoRa control.   1, Wireless control 2, Dimming to set up the luminous 3, time phase function 4, mistake feedback and report 5, group control & single control   We MIC can provide full solution of LoRa and LoRaWAN full solution tog...
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    • Development history of UFO highbay light

       In addition to the various lighting lamps used in the general environment, highbay light also includes explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments. according to the functions, highbay light can be divided into general lighting and local lighting General lighting...
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    • MIC 720w flood lignting for Austria stadium project

      MIC 720w flood lignting for Austria stadium project

      Project Location: Grein AUSTRIA Installation time:December, 2019 Product Name: G series Led flood light 720w Item: MFL-G720 Material: Meanwell driver+ Philips led 5050 led 160lm/w   December, 2019 MIC success installed totally 18pcs MFL-G720 720W flood light in Austria Grein, with 6sets high mas...
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    • Development process of Street light

      Development process of Street light The development history street light is history of entrepreneurship for pursuing a bright outdoor night and a history of the exploration of a better life for mankind. 15th century London – the earliest origin of street lamps In 1417, in order to brighten ...
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    • Stadium lighting solution

      Stadium lighting solution   There are many kinds of stadium lighting, such as 7-a-side football field, 9-a-side football field, 11-a-side football field, and badminton court, tennis court, blue court, football field, ice hockey rink, ice rink, Volleyball courts, etc., and are divided into enterta...
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    • What is a corn light?

      Basic Information LED corn light is one kind of LED lighting. As the maximum luminous angle of LED chip is 120 degree, to improve the lamp’s uniform illumination, this lamp is specially designed 360 degree beam angle. Its shape is like corn cob, so be called LED corn light.     Prospec...
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