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    • Development process of Street light

      Development process of Street light The development history street light is history of entrepreneurship for pursuing a bright outdoor night and a history of the exploration of a better life for mankind. 15th century London – the earliest origin of street lamps In 1417, in order to brighten ...
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    • Stadium lighting solution

      Stadium lighting solution   There are many kinds of stadium lighting, such as 7-a-side football field, 9-a-side football field, 11-a-side football field, and badminton court, tennis court, blue court, football field, ice hockey rink, ice rink, Volleyball courts, etc., and are divided into enterta...
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    • Какво е царевица светлина?

      Basic Information LED corn light is one kind of LED lighting. As the maximum luminous angle of LED chip is 120 degree, to improve the lamp’s uniform illumination, this lamp is specially designed 360 degree beam angle. Its shape is like corn cob, so be called LED corn light.     Prospec...
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