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        Intelligent LED lighting step into all areas of life


        Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computers, wireless data transmission, spread spectrum power line carrier communication technology, computer information processing and intelligent energy-saving electrical control technology of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote communication control system, to realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment. The utility model has the functions of light intensity adjustment, soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc. the utility model has the advantages of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency.

        Intelligent lighting makes the lighting industry from the capital equipment model to service model change, increase the added value of the product. In the face of the future, the best advice is to see how to reshape the lighting to become an integral part of the Internet, health, energy, services, video, communications, etc.. The development of the Internet of things, intelligent building, etc., will also give LED intelligent lighting greater play and innovation.

        LED lighting experienced a short period of time after the gradual return to the stage of the trough, but with the continuous improvement of LED lighting technology, the cost of LED lighting products are increasingly compressed. At the same time, the development of intelligent lighting on the basis of LED to bring the most direct experience of the United States is the enjoyment of beauty and beauty of the senses. LED intelligent lighting products have been successfully used in commercial lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, Home Furnishing lighting and so on, such as food in the supermarket can transform color lights; the highway tunnel, can automatically adjust the lights, tunnel lights; large projects in the intelligent control system of multi color landscape lamp etc..

        Compared with the traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can achieve safe, energy-saving, comfortable and efficient, so the intelligent lighting field, both in the Home Furnishing field office, business and public facilities in the area of good development prospects. At present, China intelligent lighting market is not mature, the application field of intelligent lighting is mainly concentrated in the field of business areas and public facilities, the use of more adoption of intelligent lighting for hotels, exhibition venues, municipal engineering, road traffic in the field; in addition, office building and high-end villa project is the use of intelligent lighting. With the development of domestic intelligent lighting research and development of production technology and product promotion efforts, the field of smart lighting applications in the home is expected to be universal.

        There is Insiders pointed out that price of LED Home Furnishing intelligent lighting products have dropped 15%-20% in resent years, which can be accepted by consumers in the terminal. Home Furnishing intelligent lighting capacity has been further release, the market prospects can be expected.

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